KONG Scrunch Knots Fox
KONG Scrunch Knots Fox
KONG Scrunch Knots Fox
KONG Scrunch Knots Fox
KONG Scrunch Knots Fox
KONG Scrunch Knots Fox
KONG Scrunch Knots Fox
KONG Scrunch Knots Fox

KONG Scrunch Knots Fox

This crazy toy scrunches around an internal coiled rope and has stretchy sides for realistic movement. The toy is fluffy yet durable, and there is an integrated squeaker in the head of the fox....further information
Product description
sturdy: "our dog just loves this, very well made"

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KONG Scrunch Knots Fox

- Small/Medium

RRP* £6.06
Our Price £5.99

Product description

This crazy toy scrunches around an internal coiled rope and has stretchy sides for realistic movement. The toy is fluffy yet durable, and there is an integrated squeaker in the head of the fox.

Your dog will never get enough of the KONG Scrunch Knots Fox! The snuggly fox doesn’t just look good on the surface, it’s also packing a punch underneath the soft fur. A robust coiled rope with flexible sides makes the fox especially durable and realistic. This means the toy will keep your dog happy for a long time. The KONG Scrunch Knots Fox does not have a lot of filling, so is best suited to light or medium strength chewers. The fox is perfect for a game of tug, and the integrated squeaker will get your dog even more excited. You can buy this toy in various sizes.


The KONG Scrunch Knots Fox at a glance:

  • Cuddly dog toy which looks like a little fox
  • For games of tug as well as playing alone
  • Integrated coiled rope for lots of fun
  • Stretchy sides for realistic movements
  • Robustly made with only a small amount of filling
  • Squeaker in the head to make games of tug even more exciting
  • Available in different sizes, for light and medium strength chewers
  • Colour: Orange / White
  • Material: polyester fur (outer) / cotton rope (inner)
  • Size:
    • S/M: 26.5 x 8 x 5 cm (L x W x H)
    • M/L: 40 x 11 x 8 cm (L x W x H)

Please note: No toy is completely indestructible. As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. Check the product regularly for damage, and replace the toy if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.


Latest user reviews

28/10/23 | James
: 1/5

Not a great “tug” toy.

I bought this for my 10 month old Doberman as a tug-toy and to help chewing aggression; within the first day the foxes head was completely off, the insides are durable and after some pulling and chewing, they remained intact and looked virtually untouched.
28/08/23 | stuart
: 1/5

20 seconds

It was totally destroyed in 20 seconds but he squeezed it out later that day in my garden ( path)
18/12/22 | Alasdair Gill
: 2/5

Not lab puppy proof

I did think it being kong produce, it would be a lot stronger. Ps Puppy is 8 weeks lab.
16/12/22 | Anna
: 1/5

Lasted less than 30 mins

Bought the large fox for my 7k dog and he destroyed it in half an hour. He took the squeaker out, shredded it and ripped Foxy’s throat out… shame as he really enjoyed the first and last 20 minutes of playing with him. A poor opponent for a teeny tiny dog.
30/08/22 | Marttine Lewis
: 5/5


our dog just loves this, very well made
14/07/22 | Gill
: 1/5

Squeak doesn't work

My rescue dog loves a toy that squeaks. This is supposed to but doesn't.
: 5/5

nice toy and well made

our new rescue really loves this, well made and good quality would recommend
15/03/22 | Michelle Richardson
: 2/5

Lasted about 1 hour

The positive was when my dog (springador) ripped through this, there was no messy stuffing everywhere. However it did only last about an hour.
: 5/5

Corgi proof

My 11 month old corgi usually destroys her toys within hours . This fox has survived well , has become her favourite .
28/12/21 | Amy
: 5/5

GSD loves it!

My GSD absolutely loves her one. Had it for a year, she’s torn it’s face off and killed the squeaker within a month but I did a repair job on it once and it’s back to being our favourite toy.
19/08/21 | Very happy
: 5/5

Loves it

My 17mth old tugger chewer absolutely loves this. Usually destroys toys within minutes. It’s been 2 days and no amputations to ears, head, tail etc... YET anyway. Only grumble is being offered it every few mins to play :)
25/05/21 | Frances
: 1/5

Not very robust

Unfortunately this toy didn’t last much more than an hour with my 7 month GSD. I had high hopes as she has a knots teddy toy that she’s had since we got her. However this one she managed to rip straight into the stitching and pull out the knotted rope inside (the fabric is very flimsy and not strong at all). She is still enjoying supervised play with the “carcass” hence the 1 star but not really fit for purpose.
06/05/21 | Elizabeth
: 5/5

Bulldog loves it

My English bulldog puppy loved this. It lasted for ever. He now plays with just the rope as that’s all that’s left so I am getting him a new one. The squeaker is large and bright red which is good. They should all be bright colours so we can see if our dogs have them in their mouth
07/04/21 | Shannon
: 4/5

My dog loves this!

Literally her favourite toy!
07/04/21 | Nick
: 5/5


Our Border collie (14 month old) has adopted this toy as his baby and takes it everywhere. its durable enough for a soft toy better than most stuffed ones, requires supervision like most toys but even with a few holes in it after 3 months of having it, it is well worth the low price.
: 3/5

Puppy loves it but...

As per other reviews, not so robust to withstand puppy terrier puppy teeth. Managed to nearly remove one of fox’s paw (it was dangling so we pulled it off to avoid pup potentially eating it). But she does love the toy and all else in tact so far.
17/02/21 | Kate
: 5/5

My Frenchies love this Fox

My Frenchies love this Fox toy and chase each other around the house with it. I will be getting them another one so we have a spare. It's a perfect size for them.
: 1/5


Had it 20mins and my cockerpoo has eaten a leg and ear and nearly choked!
05/02/21 | N Harman
: 4/5

Fox toy

Thought this would last like my other Kong bear, which lasted 5 months. However he destroyed it with in 2 days. But I feel now I have two toys lol. One the fur & the other is rope. The new Kong bear still alive lol
27/01/21 | Andrew Bent
: 1/5


My dog chewed through this within minutes of getting it. For a kong toy its really poor. I have brought other Kong toys and products and they are made much better than this.