Vegetarian Dog Food

Dogs are carnivores, but vegetarian dog food makes a great supplement to pure meat, as well as providing a guilt-free way for vegetarian owners to nourish their dogs. Mixing flakes, rice, or these so-called mixers with single sources of protein offers a sensible solution for dogs with food allergies or sensitive stomachs. Crunchy mixers can also provide a change of pace in addition to moist food or even the usual dry menu.
Here at zooplus we also offer a range of vegan dog food, which has been specially designed to ensure your dog still receives all the key nutrition it needs. Vegan dog food can be a revelation in feeding your pet, with natural ingredients and wholesome recipes that your dog will love.
Explore the full range of vegetarian and vegan dog food here at zooplus and find the perfect diet for your canine!

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Say Cheeese! – scrumptious 100% vegetarian wet dog food with everything your pet needs. This wholesome food provides essential vitamins, protein and minerals but is totally grain and additive-free.

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Exciting mixed selection of different dental care snacks for dogs over 9 months, including chew sticks, toothbrushes and alligator snacks, with vegetarian recipes free from sugar and gluten.

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Meat & grain-free complete dry food that is 100% vegetarian and 99.99% vegan. Made with potatoes, peas, herbs and fruit, it is gentle on the digestion for dogs with food sensitivities.

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Vegetarian & Vegan Dog Food

A new way of feeding!

Although dogs are naturally carnivorous, many owners choose to feed their dogs a vegetarian diet, supplemented with various essential nutrients. Our range of vegetarian dog food here at zooplus is also ideal for combining with pure meat, as a mixer. Vegetarian dog food is a different way of nourishing your dog, with all of these vegetarian dog food options adapted to ensure your dog still receives all the key nourishment it would be provided through a carnivorous diet.
Here at zooplus we offer dry and wet vegetarian and vegan dog food varieties, as well as delicious treats to ensure your dog can still be spoilt from time to time! All of our vegetarian dog food has been produced to the highest quality standards, ensuring your dog still receives complete, balanced nutrition including essential protein, without the use of meat. Whether you have chosen a vegetarian dog food diet for ethical, personal or health reasons, here at zooplus you will find the perfect solution.

Browse the full range of Vegetarian Dog Food here at zooplus:

Nourish your dog with vegetarian dog food, ideal for those with meat allergies or for supplementing a pure meat diet.
Our range of vegetarian dog food is available in wet, dry and treat varieties.

  • Dry Vegetarian Dog Food: these kibble dishes are 100% meat-free, with some also steering clear of troublesome grains. They offer complete, well-balanced nutrition and are gentle on the digestion, the perfect solution for sensitive dogs. There are even light and hypoallergenic dogs, so that any canine can benefit from a vegetarian dog food diet.
  • Wet Vegetarian Dog Food: these veggie feasts bring variety and delight to your dog’s food bowl, made with full flavour and meat-free recipes that are bound to bring just as much enjoyment as a tray of meat. They are packed full of hearty vegetables and some use eggs as a reliable source of protein.
  • Vegetarian Dog Treats: vegetarian dogs love a treat as much as a carnivorous dog, but many treats are made with meat ingredients. Here at zooplus we offer a great selection of vegetarian dog food treats that ensure you can spoil your dog no matter its diet!

Here at zooplus we offer a a great range of Vegetarian Dog Food, to offer non-carnivorous canines a wholesome, hearty meal.
Choose the ideal vegetarian dog food diet to meet your pet’s individual needs.

Browse the full range of Dog Specialist Diets & Supplements available here at zooplus, to keep every dog happy and healthy!