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Zylkene is a natural, calming supplement for dogs. The active ingredient in the supplement helps to relieve stress and reduce anxiety. Zylkene calming supplements can help your dog cope with unusual or stressful situations, such as visits to the vet, moving house or events with fireworks. Zylkene capsules can be fed like a snack, or the powder in the capsule can be mixed-in with food.

    4 products
    4 products


    Zylkene Capsules 75mg for Small Dogs or Cats <10kg

    Zylkene are calming nutritional supplement for cats and small dogs, for use when your pet is under stress due to travel or going to the vet. The supplement comes as a soluble powder in capsule form.

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    30 capsules
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    Saver Pack: 2 x 30 capsules
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    100 capsules
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    Zylkene Capsules 225mg for Medium Dogs 10-30kg

    Natural, calming supplement for medium-sized dogs for when your dog is in unfamiliar or stressful situations such as travel, vet visits, carer changes or bonfire night. Soluble powder in capsule form.

    Delivery in 1-3 working days
    3 Varieties from
    30 capsules
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    Saver Pack: 2 x 30 capsules
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    100 capsules
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    When your dog is in unfamiliar or stressful situations such as travelling it can cause stress and unease. This natural, calming supplement for large dogs comes as a soluble powder in capsule form.

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    3 Varieties from
    30 capsules
    £40.29 £1.34 / unit
    Saver Pack: 2 x 30 capsules
    individually priced £80.58 Now£75.49 £1.26 / unit
    100 capsules
    Was £110.99 Now£105.99 £1.06 / unit

    Tasty chews for dogs and cats up to 10kg. Helps keep your pet calm and reduce anxiety in stressful situations. Made with natural milk protein that is highly accepted and easy to administer. 

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    14 chews
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    Saver Pack: 2 x 14 chews
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    Keep your pet calm in stressful situations with this natural supplement!

    Life can be stressful, even for our dogs! Whether there are changes happening, such as a new addition to the family or a change of home, or if your dog suffers from social stress, dislikes noise or has separation anxiety, here at zooplus we offer a natural, calming supplement option for Zylkene to help make life happier and easier for your dog!
    The size of your dog will naturally have an impact on how effective the Zylkene calming supplement is and the quantities your dog should take, so we offer Zylkene natural supplement in options for every size - small, medium and large. This helps to ensure that every dog can benefit from this natural calming supplement and at every stage in its life.

    Browse the full range of Zylkene natural calming supplements available here at zooplus

    Make your selection based on your dog’s weight to ensure that Zylkene can be as effective as possible in reducing stress.
    Each option comes as a soluble powder in capsule form, which can simply be added to your dog’s diet according to instructions to help reduce stress in a range of situations.

    • <10kg: if you have a smaller dog or a cat that suffers from stress, then this is the option for you. It is lactose-free and has a relaxing, calming effect, the same as that caused by substances created in the gut of a newborn puppy.
    • 10-30kg: this is the choice for medium sized dogs. The capsules can be opened and the powder inside sprinkled over your dog’s food, or these tablets can be fed with treats. However you choose to feed it, Zylkene can reduce short-term or long-term stress.
    • 30kg+: large breed dogs can be helped with this option. Zylkene has been produced using 80 years of experience and has no risk of addition or side-effects developing.

    Zylkene can be a great addition to your dog’s life, helping to make vet’s visits and changes in circumstance more relaxing for everyone.
    Browse the complete collection and find the perfect option for both you and your dog!

    Browse the full range of Dog Specialist Diets & Supplements products available here at zooplus, to leave your dog’s coat looking and feeling great!

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