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Fortan Dental Care

Product description

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Product description

Proven care product effective against tartar, guarantees pearly white teeth and prevents bad breath; user-friendly application
Fortan Dental Care is an effective tooth care remedy against tartar and bad breath and is easy to apply.

Regular tooth care protects from films of bacteria (plaque). Numerous bacteria gather in the mouth, where they attach to tooth surfaces and multiply. In combination with food left-overs this first creates a sticky layer of bacteria. Embedding of minerals in the plaque then turns the bacteria layers into tartar. From here, plaque bacteria invade tooth interspaces and give out metabolising substances which destroy the connective tissue between teeth and gums. The consequences are well-known: gums retreat, teeth become loose and fall out or have to be extracted. Plaque bacteria may also spread throughout the whole body and threaten general health.

Fortan Dental Care is a proven, user-friendly active care product that works preventively against the accumulation of plaque on tooth surfaces, prevents bad breath and promotes pearly white teeth.
The product is completely harmless if swallowed!


Feeding guide

Put a few drops of Fortan Dental Care on a piece of lint and massage your dogs teeth and gums. Rub off moving from red to white.
Apply once a week; where there are already thick deposits use daily for the first 3 - 5 days.


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