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Flexi Extendable Dog Leads

flexi dog leads offer your dog a safe way to explore without tugging you along with him! New styles of extendable dog leads, such as the flexi Design, have made retractable dog leads even more fashionable. And if you're looking for something even more stylish, check out the great range of flexi Vario dog leads, with lots of innovative design features and functional accessories.
4 products
4 products

A strong retractable dog lead with 8m radius, perfect for lively dogs up to 25kg. It has a soft grip, robust casing and lets you keep control of your dog while letting it move around independently.

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Black / Neon Yellow
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Retractable and sturdy high-viz lead with 10m freerange length, suitable for especially large and strong dogs. Easy handling for dogs up to 50kg

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Black / Neon 10m
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Modern and safe: a retractable tape-style lead in black casing with a yellow print pattern. The 8m tape lead is bright neon yellow for large & temperamental dogs up to max. 50kg.

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Black / Neon 8m

Practical container to attach to any flexi lead, for carrying poop bags or treats on walks with your dog, opens at both ends, easy to attach, simple design, made of plastic

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Poop Bags - 20 Rolls (20 bags per roll)

Flexi Leads

Fetch your dog. It's walkies time.

Your next doggy walking adventure is about to be revolutionised with flexi leads for dogs.

What is a Flexi dog lead?

A flexi lead is a retractable dog lead: a nifty solution allowing your dog to explore as much as you want. Using an extendable dog lead is a walk in the park; you can choose the length of the lead and click it into place. Alternatively, let your dog go as far as it pleases, knowing that the retractable lead will help you bring it back whenever you want. Don't let your dog lead you astray; stay on the path whilst your pup explores all the exciting smells. You can rest easy knowing that your dog is just a retractable button away.

Extending dog leads are a great way to give your dog the freedom to explore, whilst knowing that its all under control.

How does a flexi dog lead work?

Flexi leads never go slack; the clever mechanism always ensures that the lead has sufficient tension. When your pup comes closer to you, the lead will just retract back into the handle. There's also an integrated braking system with a handy lock which works at just the press of a button. This locks the lead at any length you choose. Pretty nifty, huh? The smart design ensures that the lead will roll smoothly in and out of the casing without the risk of it twisting or getting stuck.

Choose the right flexi lead for your dog.

Flexi extendable dog leads come in three sizes:
  • Small: For dogs up to 12kg.
  • Medium: For dogs between 12-20kg.
  • Large: For dogs up to 28kg.

Have a browse and choose from our selection of extending dog leads at zooplus.
Make sure to look at these nifty flexi accessories to make walkies even easier.

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