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Dog Training Collars & Harnesses

Dog training collars and harnesses can be a useful tool in training your dog, especially when it comes to breaking barking habits and training to heel. Here you'll find a wide selection of dog training collars in all shapes and sizes!
2 products
2 products

Durable training harness for dogs, with adjustable straps and comfortable padded sections. Made from soft, flexible nylon, this harness allows you to gently control your dog during walks.

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Training head collar by Halti, which prevents your dog from pulling. With a muzzling action and padded nose band, this fully adjustable head collar provides gentle, comfortable training support. 

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Dog Training Collars

Make walks a delight for both you and your dog!

Walking your dog should be a pleasurable experience for you both, but issues with pulling, barking or not walking to heel can cause really stress for you and your dog. Here at zooplus we offer a broad range of no pull harnesses and dog training collars, including muzzles and anti-pull options, all of which can be used to make walking an easier experience that you will come to love.
These non pull harness options and dog training collars are available in a broad range of styles, shapes and sizes, including head collars and remote control training collars. They are produced by a number of top quality manufacturers and these dog training accessories are all premium. A dog training collar or a dog muzzle can be a necessary part of life if your dog tends to bark or struggles to obey orders when it is distracted by the joy of a walk!

Browse the full range of Dog Training Collars available here at zooplus

Keep your dog under control with a non pull harness for a more enjoyable walking experience.
Here at zooplus we offer a great range of dog training collars and no pull harness options in different shapes and sizes.

  • Anti-Pull Headcollar: anti-pull harnesses and head collars can be a great way to get your dog under control, as well as being a safer option - the strain is spread across the shoulders rather than pulling directly on the neck and risking choking or other injury. These non pull harnesses make it easier for you to walk your dog, particularly if it is large and strong, with head collar options that allow for maximum steering efficiency.
  • Collars with RC: if your dog is prone to unwanted behaviour when out and about on walks - all that excitement can get to you! - then combining your dog's no pull harness with these collars with remote control could be a great choice, allowing you to spray a harmless substance at your dog to actively discourage the bad behaviour.
  • Muzzles: muzzles are a great choice for many reasons. As well as being helpful if your dog is prone to snapping or barking at strangers, they can also be useful for the non-stop eater! If your dog is always munching on litter or finding something to eat when out and about, combining your dog's no pull harness with a protective muzzle can be a great choice, stopping them eating waste and also anything potentially harmful that they find.

Here at zooplus we offer a great range of dog walking and training accessories that can make walking a real treat for you both! A non pull harness could make all the difference when out walking.

Browse the full range of Dog Leads & Dog Collars available here at zooplus, to find the perfect accessory to meet you and your dog’s needs.

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