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Dog Water Fountains

Dog Water Fountains

Dog water fountains provide free-flowing water, giving the water a fresh taste, which encourages your dog to drink more. In this way, drinking fountains help ensure that your pet receives the fluids he or she needs.


PetSafe® Drinkwell® Cat Fountain - 360

5.79 49.49 GBP 2
3.8 litre Fountain
RRP*  £57.99
Our Price  £49.49
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Replacement Filter (3-Pack)
RRP*  £9.99
Our Price  £5.79
(£1.93 / unit)
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More Water Fountains:

Trixie Water or Food Dispenser

1.99 1.99 GBP 1
0.6 litre
RRP*  £2.99
Our Price  £1.99
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Raindrop Drinking Fountain Replacement Filter

7.99 7.99 GBP 1
Replacement Filter (3-Pack)
Was  £10.49
Now  £7.99
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Savic Loop Water Dispenser - Blue

4.99 4.99 GBP 1
1.5 litre
Was  £6.29
Now  £4.99
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Replacement filters for dog water fountains:

Catit & Dogit Drinking Fountain Replacement Filters

6.49 6.49 GBP 1
Replacement Filter B
Was  £7.79
Now  £6.49
Carry on saving

Fresh Flow Deluxe Replacement Filters (2-Pack)

2.99 2.99 GBP 1
Replacement Filters (2-Pack)
RRP*  £6.99
Our Price  £2.99
(£1.50 / unit)
Carry on saving

Drinkwell® Platinum / Original by Petsafe® Replacement Filters (3-Pack)

6.99 6.99 GBP 1
Replacement Filter (3-Pack)
RRP*  £8.99
Our Price  £6.99
(£2.33 / unit)
Carry on saving

Cat Mate Pet Fountain Replacement Filters

4.49 11.99 GBP 2
2 Pack
Was  £4.99
Now  £4.49
(£2.25 / unit)
Carry on saving
6 Pack
Was  £14.49
Now  £11.99
(£2.00 / unit)
Carry on saving

Drinkwell® 360 Replacement Filters (3-Pack)

5.79 5.79 GBP 1
Replacement Filter (3-Pack)
RRP*  £9.99
Our Price  £5.79
(£1.93 / unit)
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Dog Water Fountains

Help your dog drink plenty of fresh, tasty water!

A vital aspect of your dog’s health is ensuring that it is taking in enough water, helping with digestion and coat appearance as well as general bodily functions. Many dogs struggle to drink enough water when it is sat in a dog water bowl, and it can be easy for bowls of water gather dirt or pathogens. These dog water fountains feature non-slip bases for a sturdy source of flowing water.
A dog drinking fountain can be beneficial for ensuring your dog takes on enough fluids and does not succumb to infection. These dog fountains make water appealing to your canine and can be placed next to stylish dog food bowls and dog dishes to make for a pleasing feeding area. These dog water fountains provide a constant flow of fresh, tasty water that is filtered to be pure.

Browse the full range of Dog Water Fountains here at zooplus

Find your perfect dog water fountain to encourage a healthy fluid intake.
Ensure your dog can always find fresh, flowing water to keep it healthy.

  • Fresh: dog water fountains use filters to ensure that your dog’s water is always fresh, clean and free from pathogens, ensuring your dog is taking in healthy fluids and even making the water taste fresher, cleaner and more exciting! Replacement filters can be purchased here at zooplus.
  • Inviting: a flowing stream of water is intriguing to many dogs, so will naturally encourage a canine to take on more water, which is vital for good health. A dog water fountain is much more appealing than a bowl of water, no matter how frequently it is changed, and can be a source of fun for your dog as well as fluids!
  • Innovative: from bright colours to interesting materials, these dog water fountains offer oxygenated water in exciting new ways that will keep your dog intrigued. Many feature different drinking levels, and some even double up as food dispensers for complete practicality.

Here at zooplus we offer a great range of dog water fountains to meet every need.

Browse the full range of Dog Bowls & Feeders available here at zooplus, to find something for everyone!

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