Dog Bowl Stands

Raised Dog bowl stands make eating more comfortable for your dog by raising the food and/or water bowls to a level that is more natural. This thereby leads to improved digestion and appetite.
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    3 products

    A double bowl stand which makes feeding easier on your dog's joints. The height of feeding station helps to take the pressure off the spine and stops your pet from gobbling its food. Dark grey.

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    2 x 0.85 litre
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    Fully adjustable stand with stainless steel bowls. Choose the right feeding height to ensure your pets enjoy feeding times. Suitable for large breeds, older dogs and for dogs which are still growing.

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    2 x 4.2 litres

    Food storage and feeding station in one, featuring 2 stainless steel bowls, innovative ecoFlex® made from 60% recycled plasticweather resistant making it ideal for outdoors, easy assembly, spacious

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    2 x 1.2l, 54 x 30 x 39.5cm (L x W x H)
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    Dog Bowl Stands

    For a comfortable, natural way of eating!

    A dog bowl stand featuring elevated dog bowls can be the ideal way to relieve unnecessary pressure on your dog’s neck and joints, as well as promoting a healthier way of digestion and making life all-round happier and more comfortable for your dog! A dog bowl stand can stop your dog from gobbling down its food as fast as possible, as well as easing pressure on the backbone.
    Elevated dog bowls are the perfect choice for larger breeds, saving them from having to bend down low to reach a food bowl on the floor. A dog bowl stand also helps to make the line along the spine to the nose more natural, easing potential paining and saving future joint problems. Elevated dog bowls can also be useful for older dogs that are struggling with their movement, and an adjustable dog bowl stand is perfect if you have a little puppy that is due to grow into a tall adult dog, as it can be adapted as your pet grows, saving you money in the long-run.

    Browse the full range of Dog Bowl Stands here at zooplus:

    Provide a more enjoyable eating experience for your dog with our range of elevated dog bowls.
    A dog bowl stand can be the ideal solution for large breeds, puppies and older or unwell dogs.

    • Dog Bowl Stand: this raises your dog’s food bowl up from the floor, making the line of its digestion more natural and helping to ensure your dog is more easily able to take in all the nutrients in its food. A dog bowl stand is easy to keep clean and generally features a removable bowl that can be washed just like any other dish. As with other dog food bowls, those included with a dog bowl stand are available in ceramic or steel, depending on your preference.
    • Elevated Dog Bowls: as with a stand, these raise the height of a bowl. Here at zooplus we even offer adjustable options so that you can change the height depending on current needs - for example, if you have a growing puppy! There are even elevated dog bowls that can be adjusted to different levels, perfect if your dogs are different heights.
    • Integrated Other Features: if you’re looking for an extra bit of jazz with your dog bowl stand, we have plenty to offer, including dog bowl stands with integrated digital scales to ensure you are feeding your dog the exact amount of nutrition it needs at every meal.

    Here at zooplus we offer a a great range of Dog Bowl Stands, so that every dog can enjoy its meals in a healthy way.
    Choose the ideal dog bowl stand based on your dog’s height, breed and individual needs.

    Browse the full range of Dog Bowls & Feeders available here at zooplus, to keep every dog happy and healthy!