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Ceramic Dog Bowls

Ceramic dog bowls are hygienic and heavy so dogs can't push the bowls around as easily, and the food or water won't tip or spill as easily.

Ceramic Dog Bowls:

Trixie Ceramic Bowl with Paw Prints

1.99 5.49 GBP 3
0.3 litre
RRP*  £3.99
Our Price  £1.99
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0.8 litre
RRP*  £6.99
Our Price  £3.49
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1.4 litre
RRP*  £9.99
Our Price  £5.49
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Trixie Ceramic & Wood Feeding Bowl Set

11.99 11.99 GBP 1
2 x 0.2 litre
RRP*  £17.99
Our Price  £11.99
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Trixie Eat on Feet Bowl Set with Stand

8.99 8.99 GBP 1
2 x 0.6 litre
RRP*  £14.99
Our Price  £8.99
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Ceramic Dog Bowls

Even the liveliest eater won't be able to tip these bowls over!

Ceramic dog bowls are both stylish and traditional. The extra weight of a ceramic dog bowl is enough to stop the bowl from sliding about during mealtimes. A common problem dog owner's face is an excited dog at mealtimes! Most dogs, who are enthusiastic eaters will end up tipping over their bowls and spilling their food everywhere!

Here at zooplus we have a fantastic range of sturdy dog bowls made from premium, durable ceramic. The weight of the bowls ensures that food or water won't be spilled, leaving a mess for you to clean up!

Another benefit of ceramic dog bowls is that they are very hygienic and easy to clean. The glazed surfaces are easily washed, with some ceramic bowls even being dishwasher safe! With a ceramic dog food bowl you can ensure your dog is getting a clean and germ-free meal, as the ceramic bowl won't absorb any flavours or smells from their food.

Our selection of ceramic dog bowls are beautifully decorated in a variety of colours and styles, meaning you are sure to find one to suit your home decor.

Browse our complete selection of ceramic dog bowls available here at zooplus to find the perfect one for your dog. Back to the top
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