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Curver Dry Dog Food Container

Product description

Curver Dry Dog Food Container 5 3
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20kg capacity
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Product description

Practical dry dog food holder for large breeds or multi-dog households, with an airtight rubber seal to help maintain flavour and contain smells, a space-saving solution and ideal for moving around.
The Curver Dry Dog Food Container is a must-have for dog owners with large breed pets or more than one canine.
The container with its elegant design is ideal for storing your dog’s dry food, meaning you no longer need to have unsightly, dusty bags taking up all of your space.
The airtight rubber seal between the lid and the box of the Curver Dry Dog Food Container, making it ideal for storing treats and biscuits and preserving delicious flavours and smells. It also helps to keep dry food fresh and crispy, with its natural nutrients and healthy properties retained.
The Curver Dry Dog Food Container is easy to use and makes portioning food simply, thanks to the slide opener in the smallest box and the separate flaps on the other sizes.
As well as ensuring you always have fresh food and treats available, the Curver Dry Dog Food Container is ideal for taking with you when on holiday or on journeys, thanks to the practical carry handle.
This great dry food container is available in different sizes, with the larger sizes featuring two practical wheels and with integrated handles to make them easy to carry and stable even when full. If you have more than one dog at home, the Curver Dry Dog Food Container is ideal, as several kilograms of food can be stored in each. To ensure the lids do not accidentally open – or are not opened by inquisitive canines! – there is an additional safety lock on the larger containers. This is great for ensuring your dog cannot help itself and munch its way through more food than it needs!

Curver Dry Dog Food Container at a glance:
  • High quality dry food container for large or multiple dogs
  • With airtight rubber seal: maintains flavour and scents
  • Easy to take the food out: sliding section or separate flaps
  • With safety closure: to ensure your dog cannot help itself
  • Practical scoop in the lid: for optimum portioning
  • With wheels and integrated handles: for easy use
  • Practical handle: ideal for taking on holiday or on the move
  • Space-saving: great for kitchens and storage rooms
  • Appealing design
  • Colour: white with dog images
  • Material: plastic
Please note: Features vary depending on the size of the container. These can be found in the following size chart.

Sizing chart for Curver Dry Dog Food Container:
Capacity Total dimensions
(L x W x H)
6l / 2.5kg 27 x 11 x 28 cm Sliding lid
10l / 4kg 19 x 29.5 x 35 cm Separate lid, carry handle
35l / 12kg 49 x 28 x 42.5 cm Separate lid, wheels & moving handle, safety closure, scoop in lid
54l / 20kg 49 x 28 x 60.5 cm Separate lid, wheels & moving handle, safety closure, scoop in lid


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