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Dog Dens

Dog dens offer your dog shelter, security, and somewhere quiet to sleep and doze. These soft dog dens come in all shapes and sizes: Perfect for keeping your pet comfy and cosy!


2 products
2 products

Dog Dens

A very comfortable igloo dog den made from felt. With a soft, removable cushion. Your dog will feel very cosy in this delightful dog bed. Colour: Grey

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71 x 54 x 57 cm (L x W x H)
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95 x 76 x 79 cm (L x W x H)
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A large, elegant, plush den, with embroidered crown and removable cushion with long pile on one side and short, velvety pile on the other. It is ideal for large cat breeds and small dogs.

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2 Varieties from
White - 45 x 45 x 45 cm (L x W x H)
Was £24.99 Now£19.99
Black - 45 x 45 x 45 cm (L x W x H)

Dog Dens

Offer your dog a cosy, comfortable place to rest its head!

A dog den is a great way to offer your dog shelter, security and somewhere for it to truly call its own, with spaces to sleep and relax, as well as watch the world go by from a safe space. They can help to keep your dog off cold, hard floors for maximum comfort and wellbeing, as well as supporting the health of dogs with sore joints or mobility issues. However, it is not only old or unwell dogs that can benefit from a dog den - puppies and adult dogs will adore having their own “room”!
Here at zooplus we offer a range of different dog den options, with plush beds, snuggle dens and igloos, all of which are designed to offer maximum comfort and enjoyment! We even offer different colours, styles and sizes, ensuring a dog den can fit into any kind of home and be the perfect size for any breed of dog.

Browse the dog den options available here at zooplus:

No matter what you are looking for, we have a dog den to meet every canine’s needs!

  • Comfortable: our dog dens are made from a variety of materials, including plush, felt and thick padding to ensure it is a comfortable place in which your dog will love to snuggle! Many feature removable cushions that can be washed to keep hygienic and even moved around, for when your dog doesn’t feel like sitting in its den!
  • Varied: we offer a range of different sizes, perfect for any breed and size of dog and helping to ensure any pet can be comfortable. Even large dogs love to feel cosy and safe! They also come in a range of colours, so no matter your home designs, your dog’s bed can play a key part.
  • Practical: these dog dens fit beautifully into any home, stylishly designed and ideal for any home. There are also foldable options, which are more portable and idea for taking on holiday, or for moving around the house depending on where your canine companion feels like sleeping!
Every dog deserves a warm and cosy space to sleep, so pick a delightful dog den that brings maximum sense of security and homely feelings.

Here at zooplus you can find a great range of

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