Plastic Dog Beds

Find a practical, indestructible, hard-wearing plastic dog bed for your dog. The plastic bed is easy to clean and give no chance to fleas & bugs. Combine the bed with an extra cushion or blanket to make it cosier.


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Hygienic plastic dog bed for dogs and cats, with anti-slip feet for stability and a lowered entrance, as well as ventilation slits in the base, easy to keep clean and ideal for pairing with a cushion.

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Size 4: 61.5 x 45 x 21.5 cm (L x W x H)
RRP* £15.70
Our Price £11.99
Size 6: 70.5 x 52 x 23.5 cm (L x W x H)
RRP* £18.90
Our Price £14.29
Size 8: 82 x 59.5 x 25 cm (L x W x H)
RRP* £25.30
Our Price £17.99
Size 10: 93.5 x 68 x 28.5 cm (L x W x H)

Plastic Dog Beds

Ensure your dog has a comfortable and practical place to live

Your dog deserves a comfortable space to sleep, just as you do! It is always a good idea to offer your dog a warm bed, to help protect it from cold, hard floors and support its joints and overall health.
A plastic dog bed can be particularly practical, as they are easy to clean and make the perfect bed for those dogs prone to jump in puddles and always finding the most mud on those long walks! They are extremely hygienic, as dirt and bacteria does not get ingrained into fabric and can simply be wiped clean or washed.
If you are worried about the comfort of a plastic dog bed, then you can add a dog cushion, which provides that cosiness but can also be easily removed for washing and cleaning. Many of the dog bed cushions available at zooplus can even be cleaned in a washing machine, ensuring optimal hygiene and ease. A mattress could also be placed in a plastic dog bed to provide added joint support, particularly useful for older or less mobile dogs.

Key features of the plastic dog beds here at zooplus:

  • Practical and easy to clean
  • Compatible with cushions for added comfort
  • Light and easy to move - can be taken with you when you go on holiday with your dog
  • Anti-slip
  • Many feature a lowered entrance, ideal for dogs with limited movement
  • High sides for protection and comfort
Your dog will love the range of plastic dog beds available at zooplus. You could even treat it to a comfortable cushion or mattress for inside the plastic dog bed, so it knows exactly where the perfect napping spot is!

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