thrive PremiumPlus Dry Cat Food - Chicken

: 4/5
Grain-free, single-protein dry cat food, with 90% meat content and chicken as the only source of animal protein. This easily digested food is rich in taurine and salmon oil and suitable for all cats....further information
Product description
thrive PremiumPlus Dry Cat Food - Chicken
thrive PremiumPlus Dry Cat Food - Chicken
thrive PremiumPlus Dry Cat Food - Chicken
thrive PremiumPlus Dry Cat Food - Chicken
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thrive PremiumPlus Dry Cat Food - Chicken

- 1.5kg

RRP* £15.49
Our Price £12.49
£8.33 / kg

Product description

Grain-free, single-protein dry cat food, with 90% meat content and chicken as the only source of animal protein. This easily digested food is rich in taurine and salmon oil and suitable for all cats.

thrive PremiumPlus Dry Cat Food – Chicken is a complete food for cats of all breeds and lifestages. It contains 90% meat, which is an exceptionally high meat content for this type of cat nutrition. The recipe contains everything that you would expect from a premium cat food, without any unnecessary extras, offering your cat an easy to digest and balanced nutrition with premium chicken, sweet potato and potato, as well as essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

thrive PremiumPlus Dry Cat Food – Chicken is completely grain free and contains all of the essential vitamins and minerals that your cat needs, as well as vital taurine, which your cat’s system cannot produce in sufficient quantities by itself.

Cats are true carnivores, so they need to eat foods that provide them with the appropriate meat-based nutrients. Standard cat foods are mainly high in carbohydrate with a lower protein content. thrive PremiumPlus uses modern production technologies and processes to make sure that the protein content of thrive PremiumPlus is noticeably higher than other grain free cat foods (90%). It is also a single protein food product, that only contains protein from chicken.

The food includes a small amount of low-carbohydrate sweet potato or potato to help to bind the animal proteins. All of the ingredients are low in fat, hypoallergenic and very easy to digest – perfect for cats that may have problems digesting grains such as wheat.

thrive PremiumPlus Dry Cat Food – Chicken at a glance:

  • Premium complete dry cat food
  • With 90% chicken: very high meat content, for optimal protein nutrition
  • Single protein cat food: only contains protein from chicken to make the food easy to tolerate
  • 100% balanced: with all of the essential vitamins and nutrients that a cat needs to live a long and healthy life
  • Easy to digest: contains very little carbohydrate from low-sugar sweet potato and potato varieties, which are only used to bind the proteins
  • Grain free: well-tolerated and easy to digest
  • Omega-3 and Omega-6: for healthy skin and a shiny coat
  • Taurine: promotes good heart and brain function and good eyesight, even in old age
  • Free from soya, rice, grains and artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives
  • No GM ingredients
  • Suitable for all cat breeds and all ages: perfect at any age – from kittens to seniors.


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Dried chicken (64.5%), fresh chicken (16.5%), chicken fat (6%), sweet potatoes, potatoes, chicken gravy (3%), vitamins and minerals, salmon oil.
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (retinyl acetate) (21,635 IU/kg), vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) (1,730 IU/kg) vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol acetate) (82 IU/kg), sodium selenite (0.64mg/kg), ferrous sulfate monohydrate (240mg/kg), copper sulphate pentahydrate (19mg/kg), manganese sulfate monohydrate (90mg/kg), zinc sulphate monohydrate (267mg/kg), L-carnitine (480mg/kg), DL-Methionine (1,865mg/kg), taurine (2,385mg/kg).

Analytical constituents

protein54.0 %
fibre1.5 %
ash10.0 %
carbohydrates9.5 %
calcium1.6 %
phosphorus1.3 %
moisture7.0 %
potassium0.71 %
sodium0.38 %
oils and fats18.0 %
calories that can be burned409.0 kcal/100 g

Feeding guide

Feeding guidelines:
thrive PremiumPlus - Chicken Dry Cat Food is a complete cat food.

Cat’s weight Daily feeding amount
2.5kg 40g
3.5kg 50g
5kg 65g

Feeding Guide from the manufacturer:
No two cats are identical, so the amounts shown are a guide only. Your cat may require a little more or less depending on activity levels and appetite. Fresh drinking water should always be available.


thrive PremiumPlus Dry Cat Food - Chicken
: 4/5
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: 5/5
Dry food with a twist
My now 10yo boy was addicted to dry food, we went through lots of biscuits from different brands and he got sick, I finally decided to try this brand and am grateful for finding it. I used this food to ween him off dry food and now he only has a couple of hand fulls of it in a week. This dry food has a lot more meat in it and no nasty additives which is 100 times better for him. Now it’s only a food topper and I’m glad I found thrive to help save my boys life
: 1/5
Made my cat sick
After being on this good for a couple of weeks my cat started to be sick and have the odd bit of diarrhoea. She's a house cat so we know the only thing she is eating is this.
: 5/5
Never buying another dry food brand again
I have 3 cats - a very young kitten, a super fussy girl and a hyper-sensitive boy with many allergies. I tried every brand out there, and at least 1 cat would have an issue with it, triggering my boy's allergies or not appealing to the fussy. This is THE food that all three devour. They run, screaming, to the counter when they hear the Thrive jar open. My cats genuinely seem to think these biscuits are treats (like Dreamies)!
18/07/23|Bridgette Miller
: 5/5
Good for feline diabetes
My cat has been diabetic for 2yrs and I switched to thrive for its high protein and low carb content. I disagree that it has less carbs than DM food, purina DM has zero carbs but lower protein than thrive. Cats enjoy thrives flavour as DM foods are bland so I recommend thrive 100%. By the way, my cat went into, remission thanks to thrives diet, sadly she's relapsed but I will continue feeding this excellent feed.
20/11/22|Dee Lyons
: 5/5
Low good for diabetics !
This is the only easily obtainable dry food we recommend for diabetics on our UK feline diabetes fb group .....its lower in carbs than the supposed 'special diabetic foods'.....alongside wet foods too of course....and most supermarket foods in jelly are low carb for our group on fb.
: 1/5
Made my cat ill
My cat had literally a few bites of it(less than handful) in the afternoon and had diarrhoea the next morning. She is fine with pretty much all dry cat food, this has never happened to her before. I don't recommend this food, I don't know what is in it to make the cat so sick, surely that is not chicken but some other ingredient. Never experienced dry food to have such impact on my cat.
: 5/5
The cats love it
This is the only food we have found so far that both our cats can eat without getting sick and actually like. It smells quite a bit, so beware if your cats are grazers and prefer to have their food out all day. Still, I'm definitely buying this food again - no more cat diarrhoea is worth every penny while we hide these around the house as treats!
: 5/5
Best Cat Food on the Market
It is the only dry food I will use for my 10 Cat's and my Cattery! They love the fish one best and I go mad if I can't get it! I am now going to use the chicken one as treats for my dogs!
: 5/5
Everyone of my cats from 5 months to 3 years loves this food. No problems ever. As for smelly poos absolutely not. The opposite. My kittens suffered so badly with constant shares and an adult has ibs but this food sorted the problem. Of course I feed other dry foods also such as James wellbeing and, wet food morning and night. This kibble is one of the largest and good for teeth cleaning. When I give it to them it feels like giving them a plate of chicken! I have silver tipped and smoke
: 3/5
Litter stinks after
Cat was eating it without a problem but I am not sure what they put in, a litter after just stinks
: 5/5
High meat content dry
It is very hard to get high meat content dry for cats they are usually stuffed with cereals and rice etc and meat being an after thought. There are a few other products that are good but as long as Zooplus keeps the price point and thrive keeps using absolutely the min carbs(they have to use a little sweet potato to bind the product) I will keep getting this to provide kitties with variety
: 5/5
Pleases my very fussy cat
Same as another reviewer wrote, I had been feeding Lily's kitchen for a long time and my cat could not get enough of it. Then something appeared to change with the kibble and my cat would not eat it. In desperation I ordered thrive premium plus dry cat food, my cat loves it. I am very pleased that I have managed to source another good quality, few ingredient, high meat content food because my cat seems to display many allergy type symptoms to foods with lots of additives and low meat content.
08/10/21|Marina P
: 5/5
Super quality & lowest carbs!
Over a month ago I was surprised to learn that Thrive has the lowest carb content in dry foods even when compared to our now old choice - Orijen! So I decided to give it a try. My fussy cat liked her new food right away. Although it took a good week for her digestive system to readjust. She's been on it for a month now and I cannot fault it! Tip: If your cat has not eaten food with such high meat content before, introduce this food very slowly. Mix few bits in to start, then increase.
: 5/5
Smells like baked chicken
Cats like this food. I am not a believer in this no carbs and grains for cats but the high amount of chicken content is good. I saw some of the previous comments and I have been buying this for 6 months now and the food has always smelled of chicken and never had an off or sour smell.
: 4/5
It’s good stuff
We feed our ferrets this it’s the most high in protein kibble we’ve found with as little veg, carbs or wheats in as possible! It’s really hard to find a kibble that isn’t full of unnecessary additives for complete carnivores! This is best so far, ferrets love it we feed raw in morning and evening and leave this out in between raw feeds, coats are shiny and weight is perfect! We used to feed James well beloved, when switching the ferrets picked this out and only ate thrive over James wellbeloved!
: 5/5
bad smell but good quality
I used to feed my cats Wellness Core (WC) but switched to Thrive a month ago. I didn't phase the old food out (my bad) and one of my cat got diarrhoea so I bought one pack of WC for mixing. I found that they like WC more and always ask for more but I don't think this is normal, so I checked the constituents — Thrive with less than 10% carbohydrates but WC with more than 25%. Carbohydrates is useless to cats that only make them feel hungry and ask for more. So I become a fan of thrive now.
: 3/5
Not keen but early days
So I tried this without mixing the old, thinking that the rule only applies with wet food. I fed this to my 5 month old kitten as it says it's suitable for them. After eating this, he was poorly & lost his appetite for 2 ish days (my fault). So now I am mixing them in gradually in hopes I can transition him. The product smells horrendous, it has a sour smell to it. I know pet food isn't meant to smell nice but this stinks. Will see how it goes and update hopefully.
: 5/5
Simply amazing
Being very aware of what me and my wife eat as people, we also wanted our little master to have the best food available at a good price and Thrive has not disappointed. The negative reviews clearly show owners didn't phase the old food out properly as you can't just switch out in one go. Best brand for non-BARF food there is, full stop.
: 4/5
A change to my first review.
I previously gave Thrive a poor review as it gave my Kitten very loose/ smelly poo, which was a shame as I liked the high meat content and lack of fillers in Thrive. Unlike many brands Thrive state it is suitable for kittens upwards. However once my cat reached 7 months of age his bowel movements have normalised, and on trying Thrive again he has been fine. So it is possible that Thrive might not be suitable for younger kittens with immature digestive systems.
18/01/21|Katarzyna Papros
: 5/5
Perfect for fussy cat.
My cat is very fussy but this product very very love same as dry food Feringa,Wild Freedom and Purina one.He hate Applaws, Hill's and Purizon.I've come a long way before finding brands that are good for him.Now I have a problem with wet food for him because he only wants eat Purina one and Felix. Nothing more. I have already tried all possible brands and dry Feringa,Wild and Thrive they didn't disappoint me and my 🐱🐈🐱🐈 cat.