09/28/21 | Morven

It’s good stuff

We feed our ferrets this it’s the most high in protein kibble we’ve found with as little veg, carbs or wheats in as possible! It’s really hard to find a kibble that isn’t full of unnecessary additives for complete carnivores! This is best so far, ferrets love it we feed raw in morning and evening and leave this out in between raw feeds, coats are shiny and weight is perfect! We used to feed James well beloved, when switching the ferrets picked this out and only ate thrive over James wellbeloved!

A change to my first review.

I previously gave Thrive a poor review as it gave my Kitten very loose/ smelly poo, which was a shame as I liked the high meat content and lack of fillers in Thrive. Unlike many brands Thrive state it is suitable for kittens upwards. However once my cat reached 7 months of age his bowel movements have normalised, and on trying Thrive again he has been fine. So it is possible that Thrive might not be suitable for younger kittens with immature digestive systems.

Didn't agree with cats' stomachs

This is possibly the best quality dry food out there, with a minimum of plant matter and the price is reasonable too. Unfortunately it made the litter trays unbearably stinky. From reading reviews of all types of cat foods it seems this is highly individual to the cat so I don't blame the food. Have now switched to another high meat brand and the issue is resolved.
02/20/17 | george

shiny coat

As a cat sitter I tend to observe the various effects of the foods my clients feed their little masters. I have noticed that the Thrive cats have exceptionally shiny coats so I am now trying my cat on it. Given how varying the breed of cat I've seen in seemingly excellent health from this product I am presuming it is the food rather than the cat. The cats don't seem that excited by the food unless they have the Thrive powder sprinkled on top though. But this of course costs another £10!
12/27/16 | Dorian


I have tried a few different brands of dry food for my kitten such as Applaws. However since they recently changed their formula it just wasn't the same anymore so I ended up looking for an alternative and found this. I really liked the high meat content as well as the other nutritional benefits and my kitten seemed to really enjoy it. Preto and I would recommend this brand.

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