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Tigerino Crystals Fun – Coloured Cat Litter

Product description

Tigerino Crystals Fun – Coloured Cat Litter 4 32
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5 litre Pink
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Economy Pack: 3 x 5 litre Blue
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Product description

This fun pink and blue silicate litter with very fine grains is kind to cat paws and stops bad smells in seconds. It is highly absorbent and very economical. The dust-free litter is compostable.

Tigerino Crystals Fun Cat Litter at a glance:

  • Available in pink or blue, the litter is coloured with non-toxic food colouring
  • Fine grains which are kind to paws and do not stick
  • Stops odours in seconds
  • Extremely absorbent and efficient
  • Light in weight, easy to use
  • Anti-bacterial - seals germs inside the core
  • Compostable
Tigerino Crystals Fun is a coloured cat litter which gets rid of nasty odours immediately. Your cat will enjoy using it because it is very fine and gentle on the paws. You can choose between blue and pink and ring the changes in your cat's litter tray. Your cat will appreciate the pleasant, sand like consistency of this litter. Tigerino Crystals Fun can absorb nearly its own weight in liquid, locking away urine, odours and germs. The special crystals allow moisture to evaporate, while odour molecules stay bonded in the crystals. Each grain of Tigerino has countless micro-pores that quickly suck up moisture, keeping your cat's litter box dry and fresh for longer. Tigerino is compostable, so disposing of soiled litter is easy. And so much better for the environment than throwing it away with the rubbish.

The cat litter tray should be placed somewhere warm and dry. The micro-pores immediately absorb any moisture so the litter tray stays clean. The grain colour does not affect the moisture and odour absorption. In very rare instances your cat might not take to Tigerino immediately. You can mix Tigerino Crystals with your old litter, but this can influence the effectiveness.

Tigerino Crystals are coloured with non-toxic food colouring so they are completely safe for your cat.

Yield for 5 litres Tigerino Crystals Fun:

  • 1 cat approx. 25 – 30 days
  • 2 cats approx. 15 – 20 days
  • 3 cats approx. 8 – 12 days

Instructions for use:
1. Fill the clean cat litter tray with approx. 4cm of Tigerino Crystals Fun silicate litter.
2. Remove soiled clumps and faeces at least once a day for long lasting cleanliness. Stir the litter regularly to maintain efficiency and hygiene.
3. Dispose of soiled litter in the compost or with your household waste, according to your local regulations. Never dispose of Tigerino Crystals Fun Silicate Litter in the toilet.


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