05/12/22 | Vanessa Morris

Best litter ever!

My only complaint with this product is the shortage. I own ten indoor rescue cats. This is by far their favourite choice. It lasts way longer than even the normal crystal cat litter. As I have so many cats, I am conscious of cat smells. This litter makes sure there are none. It also lasts longer between full litter changes. The cat poo comes out so easily and because of the size of the crystals, they are not wasted by being collected with my pooper scooper sieve.


Best cat litter we’ve found

This is a total game changer. We have 2 indoor cats and have previously been very conscious of cat odour in the house but this litter eliminates all smell. On top of that, it last 2+ weeks and the cats love to use it. Previously litters have also traveled throughout the house but this stays close to the tray. Can’t recommend enough!

10/13/21 | Maggie C


I’ve been buying Sanicat for ages, but I’m definitely switching to this one now! Best litter so far. It’s very economical and affordable, absorbs the odour very well and my cat is not spreading the crystals all over the place. Very happy with the purchase 👍🏻

09/12/20 | Ninette Page

**********Best crystal-type litter I've ever used!!***********

These crystals are very fine, almost like sugar. My cats love it - soft for them to stand on and to paw at it as much as they like - soft on their paws. They've stopped used the other litter tray with traditional large crystals, as they much prefer these lovely pink ones! Also, for me having to clean out the litter, it couldn't be easier. The fine crystals falls through the gaps in the scoop and only the pooh stays behind, making it very easy to dispose only the pooh. Highly recommended!!!


Excellent litter

Very pretty does the job and I don’t have crystals everywhere

03/15/20 | AVRIL Russell

Fun litter

My cats love this cat litter no mess at all.



If you have the Petsafe automatic litter tray then this is the ideal litter to use instead of the expensive official one. It's more like a sand consistency than other crystal litters and therefore suits the automatic machine perfectly. I reuse the disposable tray for approx 4 months and replace litter weekly, this stuff is ideal! So pleased I found this!

06/30/19 | Kat Smyth

The Best!

We did a trial of this litter for you about 4 years ago, I loved it, and continued to use it. I was so disappointed when you stopped stocking this, we changed back to the original but it doesn't match up. Please continue with this version. Its so much cleaner to use, more delicate on paws and is the most effective for smell. So Happy its back in Stock!

06/15/19 | Paula B

Pleased to see this back in stock

When Zooplus stopped selling this some time ago I tried all sorts of alternatives but nothing matches the ease of disposal, lack of odour and sheer convenience of this long-lasting litter. My only criticism is that it is a bit dusty (despite the claims to the contrary) but there is very little tracking and I am so pleased to see it on the site again that I am stocking up in case it disappears again.

10/19/17 | S. Matthews

Brilliant stuff!

Bought this instead of the larger crystal Tigerino litter which I thought was good but this is excellent stuff. It doesn't tread onto the floor like the larger crystals and is very absorbent. I have three cats and I only have to change it once a week. Highly recommended.

10/10/17 | Louise Wakeman

Love this stuff

This litter is great I love it and so does the cat.

03/09/17 | Princess


This litter looks amazing and its the best beyond my hopes, i rescue cats and 2sphynx i have are a nightmare they go to toilet 7plus times a day for poo and often can have bad tummy upset, if it wasnt for the litter being superb it would be all over the box as well its soft on there paws and massively helps the box keep clean and fresh with no bad odour, ive tried untold litter and all absolute waste of moneys this is the bestest ever its an absolute must x


The very best

I have used lots of different types of cat litter but this one tops the lot. It lasrs ages, scooping out is easy and it doesn't spread everywhere. I have 4 sphynx cats. I have two litter trays on the go and I replace litter completely every week. With other cat litters I have to change it completely every 3/4 days. I hate it when its out of stock and I have to use another cat litter.


Always come back!

Love silica litter and this isn't as large for my cat's sensitive pads. Have used different litters but always came back to this one!


Brilliant cat litter

This is the first litter we tried with our BSH kitten and she had no problems using it straight away, despite probably having been using something completely different with the breeder. It lasts for ages, you only have to scoop the solids out, and it holds smells well. We have a bin near it for cat poo which makes doing her litter tray no fuss at all. Best of all, unlike litters we have used when minding other peoples cats in the past, it does not get spread all over our house.


Review for Crystals fun cat litter

Hello, I have 2 cats and they both accepted this cat litter. I change the litter every 2 weeks and even then it doesn't smell! Also, it just looks great! I am satisfied!

05/02/16 | originally published in zooplus.ie

Best cat litter and great value

I highly recommend this cat litter. I have a cat that spends most time indoors and uses a litter often. Tigerino lasts for nearly 4 weeks and there is little smell by the time we need to change it.

03/09/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Best cat litter ever!!!!

The litter is absolutely great, doesn't dust around, isn't carried around the flat, doesn't smell, isn't too chunky and the colour (pink) is just great. My 2cats love it. I have used lots of different cat litters but this is just the best!

02/12/16 | originally published in zooplus.ie

Never look back !

This product does what it says, it work a treat, and last as long as they say ! Im converted and would even consider buy another brand. Thank you for making my indoor cats life a fresh smell free zone

02/06/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Superb litter

Doesn't only look superb but actually is superb! Definitely recommendable. Have been buying from tigerino for years now!

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