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Cat's Best Original Cat Litter

Product description

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Product description

Clumping cat litter made from technologically refined active wood fibres, absorbent, natural and effective, with particularly high odour-binding properties and 100% compostable and biodegradable.
Cat's Best Original Cat Litter is the first cat litter that combines nature and high-tech developments. Technologically refined active wood fibres absorb moisture and odours, being stored deep inside. It is entirely natural and free from chemical additives. This allows Cat's Best Original Cat Litter to last longer, up to 7 weeks, in your cat's litter tray. This helps to reduce the amount of work you need to do to keep your cat's litter tray clean and full, as well as reducing costs. Cat's Best Original Cat Litter works best when you remove any solid waste and clumps regularly, disposing of them in the compost or your household toilet (although be sure to check with your local waste disposal before doing so).
Cat's Best Original Cat Litter uses exclusively PEFC-certified wood secondary raw materials from the woodworking industry, so no additional trees are cut down!
Cat's Best Original Cat Litter is a new generation in sustainable cat litters, with its unique use of technological know-how from German market leaders in plant fibre technology. It is produced from renewable and certified raw materials and is fully biodegradable. This helps to environment as well as keeping your cat's toilet area natural, clean and wholesome.
That is why Cat's Best Original Cat Litter has become the most popular plant fibre cat litter worldwide.

Cat's Best Original Cat Litter at a glance:

  • Clumping cat litter
  • Made from technologically refined active wood fibres
  • Natural and free from chemical additives
  • Extreme odour-binding and absorbent: absorbs up to 7 times its own weight in moisture
  • Effective and economical: a 10l bag can last for up to 7 weeks
  • 100% compostable and biodegradable: waste from your cat litter tray can simply be placed in the compost, whilst clumps can be removed from the tray and flushed down the toilet (check with local authorities first)
  • Sustainable and made from PEFC-certified wood secondary raw materials
  • Low in dust
  • Gentle on the paws and on parquet floors
  • Easy to transport - up to 50% lighter than mineral litter
Disposal instructions:
If you are disposing of this litter in your household toilet, be sure to do so in sensible amounts! Clumps should be deposited in the toilet one by one and given plenty of time to individually dissolve before flushing. Disposal can be made even easier by lightly crushing clumps with a litter scoop to make them smaller.
Only one clump should be deposited in the toilet at a time. Allowing the water to fully dissolve the clumps will ensure that the process is simple, clean and hygienic.
Using the household toilet is not recommended for the disposal of an entire tray of cat litter. In this case, please refer to your local waste disposal regulations - organic waste, compost or normal household waste!

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