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Cat's Best

Cat's Best is a 100% natural cat litter that is biodegradable, with no added chemicals. The active plant fibres absorb up to 7 times its volume, making this cat litter incredibly efficient and economical. It effectively captures fluids helping it last longer than conventional cat litter. 100% bio-degradable.


Cat's Best:

Cat's Best Original Cat Litter

8.49 24.99 GBP 3
10l (approx. 4.3kg)
(£0.85 / l)
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20l (approx. 8.6kg)
(£0.70 / l)
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Mega Pack 40l (approx. 17.2kg)
(£0.62 / l)
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Cat's Best Smart Pellets

19.49 19.49 GBP 1
20l (approx. 10kg)
(£0.97 / l)
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Cat’s Best Comfort

5.99 5.99 GBP 1
10l (approx. 4.3kg)
(£0.60 / l)
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Cat's Best Original Trial Size - 5l

3.49 3.49 GBP 1
5l (approx. 2.25kg)
Sold out.
(£0.70 / l)
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Cat's Best Universal

8.99 8.99 GBP 1
20l (11kg)
Sold out.
(£0.45 / l)
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Cat's Best Cat Litter

Looking after the environment, one bathroom break at a time.

This 100% bio-degradable and 100% compostable cat litter is as hardy as it is ecological.

Oko Plus is 3 times more efficient than standard clumping litter and with two environmentally-friendly ways of disposing it, composting or flushing, you can do your bit without compromising on quality.

Cat's best Öko Plus Cat Litter

What makes Öko Plus Cat Litter special?

Made from native fir and pine timber: Made from 100% plant fibres helping to maintain healthy, natural forests, Cat's Best Cat Litter untreated wood's natural plant fibre capillary system is perfect for retaining fluids.

Traps odours: Öko Plus stays in the litter box longer- thanks to its ability to trap odours and remain fresh-smelling. Traps odours extremely well Has a pleasant, natural smell – no artificial additives.

Flushable: Cat’s Best Öko Plus Cat Litter is made from natural plant fibres, which dissolve in water, just as toilet paper does. It will not cause pipe blockages or impact negatively on sewage treatment.

Compostable: Cat's Best Öko Plus is currently the only cat litter that can be composted and is biodegradable. Therefore you can empty the litter box right onto the compost or into the garden waste bin.

What else?

  • Up to 700% moisture absorption compared to original volume
  • Made with soft fibres, Cat's Best litter is gentle on your cat's paws
  • Cat's Best Öko Plus can be used more sparingly and is therefore more economical than many other types of cat litter

Finding a cat litter box your cat feels comfortable in is essential to maintain an accident-free home. Take a look at our wide range of litter boxes and trays to keep your cat happy.
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