MAC's Cat 6 x 400g

Kitten Turkey, Beef & Duck
: 4/5
Gently prepared wet food for cats, free from soya and grain, with plenty of fresh meat and offal, recipe rich in taurine, vitamins and minerals, high-quality from Germany...further information
Product description
MAC's Cat 6 x 400g
MAC's Cat 6 x 400g
MAC's Cat 6 x 400g
MAC's Cat 6 x 400g
MAC's Cat 6 x 400g
MAC's Cat 6 x 400g
MAC's Cat 6 x 400g
MAC's Cat 6 x 400g
MAC's Cat 6 x 400g
MAC's Cat 6 x 400g
MAC's Cat 6 x 400g
MAC's Cat 6 x 400g
MAC's Cat 6 x 400g
MAC's Cat 6 x 400g
MAC's Cat 6 x 400g
MAC's Cat 6 x 400g
MAC's Cat 6 x 400g
MAC's Cat 6 x 400g
MAC's Cat 6 x 400g
MAC's Cat 6 x 400g
MAC's Cat 6 x 400g
MAC's Cat 6 x 400g
MAC's Cat 6 x 400g
MAC's Cat 6 x 400g
MAC's Cat 6 x 400g
MAC's Cat 6 x 400g
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£5.41 / kg

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MAC's Cat 6 x 400g - Kitten Turkey, Beef & Duck
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MAC's Cat 6 x 400g

- Kitten Turkey, Beef & Duck

£5.41 / kg

Product description

Gently prepared wet food for cats, free from soya and grain, with plenty of fresh meat and offal, recipe rich in taurine, vitamins and minerals, high-quality from Germany

MAC’s Cat is a tasty wet cat food that is made with carefully selected ingredients that are processed according to a gentle method. This cat food is made in Germany and contains high meat and offal in each sort, making it suited to a cat’s natural meat-based diet. The recipe does not contain reconstituted meat, bone meal or meat meal and this food is free from grain and soya. 

The ingredients are rich in vital nutrients and this food contains a tailored mix of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The balanced recipe is rounded off with added taurine, which cats can’t produce enough of themselves. 

MAC's Cat 6 x 400g at a glance:
  • Balanced wet food for cats
  • Easy to digest: carefully selected ingredients, gently processed
  • With lots of meat: high proportion of meat meets a cat’s natural nutritional requirements
  • Complete food: with vitamins, minerals and trace elements, contains all vital nutrients that cats need on a daily basis
  • With selected ingredients: no reconstituted meat, bone meal or meat meal
  • With taurine: an essential amino acid for cats
  • Free from grain and gluten: suitable for cats with allergies or intolerances
  • Free from soya
  • Gentle processing method: to preserve as many nutrients as possible
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • Free from preservatives
  • High-quality from Germany


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Poultry & Cranberry:
Poultry (53.5%, comprising meat, heart, liver, gizzard, meat stock), beef (42.3%, comprising meat, heart, meat stock), cranberries (3%), minerals (1%), safflower oil (0.2%).
Beef (95.8%, comprising heart, lung, meat, liver, meat stock), carrots (3%), minerals (1%), safflower oil (0.2%).
Salmon & Chicken:
Chicken (54.1%, comprising heart, gizzard, liver, meat stock), salmon (42.7%), banana (2%), minerals (1%), salmon oil (0.2%).
Veal & Turkey:
Veal (49.5%, comprising lung, heart, meat stock), turkey (49.5%, comprising meat, heart, liver, neck, meat stock), minerals (1%).
Duck, Turkey & Chicken:
Chicken (73.7%, comprising meat, gizzard, heart, liver, neck, meat stock), turkey (15.3%, comprising heart, gizzard, meat stock), duck (10%, comprising heart, gizzard), minerals (1%).
Beef & Chicken Hearts:
Beef (49.5%, comprising heart, meat, lung, meat stock), chicken (49.5%, comprising 11% heart, gizzard, liver, meat, meat stock), minerals (1%).
Duck, Rabbit & Beef:
Beef (69%, comprising lung, meat, heart, liver, meat stock), rabbit (15%, comprising meat, offal), duck (15%, comprising heart, gizzard, neck), minerals (1%).
Pure Chicken with Whole Poultry Hearts:
Chicken (95%, comprising 22% heart, gizzard, meat, neck, liver, meat stock), carrots (3%), minerals (1%).
Turkey & Blueberries:
Turkey (60%, comprising meat, gizzard, liver, heart, meat stock), beef (35.8%, comprising heart, lung, meat stock), blueberries (3%), minerals (1%), safflower oil (0.2%).
Heart & Liver:
Beef (98.8%, comprising 31% heart, lung, meat, 7% liver, meat stock), minerals (1%), evening primrose oil (0.2%).
Kitten Veal & Chicken Hearts:
Veal (53.8%, consisting of veal lungs, veal hearts, veal liver, veal broth), chicken (45.1%, consisting of chicken meat, 10% chicken hearts, chicken livers, chicken gizzards, chicken meat broth), minerals (1%), eggshell powder (0, 1%).
Kitten Turkey, Beef & Duck:
Turkey (51%, consisting of turkey meat, turkey hearts, turkey gizzards, turkey livers, turkey broth), beef (36%, consisting of beef hearts, beef, beef lungs, beef livers, beef broth), duck (10%, consisting of duck hearts, duck gizzards, duck necks), Carrots (2%), minerals (1%).

Additives per kg: 
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin D3 (200 IU), zinc [as zinc sulphate monohydrate] (25mg), manganese [as manganous-(II)-sulphate monohydrate] (1.4mg), iodine [as calcium iodate anhydrous] (0.75mg), taurine (1500mg).
Salmon & Chicken:
Zinc [as zinc sulphate monohydrate] (25mg), manganese [as manganous-(II)-sulphate monohydrate] (1.4mg), iodine [as calcium iodate anhydrous] (0.75mg), taurine (1500mg).

Analytical constituents

protein10.8 %
fat5.8 %
fibre0.3 %
ash2.3 %
moisture80.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:

MAC's Cat is a complete food for cats.

Indoor cat Active cat
Cat's weight Serving in g/day Cat's weight Serving in g/day
3kg 116 - 141 g 3kg 181 - 222 g
3.5kg 127 - 156 g 3.5kg 202 - 245 g
4kg 140 - 171 g 4kg 221 - 268 g
4.5kg 151 - 185 g 4.5kg 239 - 291 g
5kg 162 - 198 g 5kg 256 - 312 g
6kg 184 - 224 g 6kg 289 - 352 g
7kg 204 - 248 g 7kg 320 - 390 g
8kg 222 - 272 g 8kg 350 - 428 g

Kitten up to 6 months Young cat 6 - 12 months
Cat's weight Serving in g/day Cat's weight Serving in g/day
0,5kg 114 - 122 g 2kg 229 - 247 g
0,75kg 149 - 160 g 2,5kg 266 - 286 g
1kg 181 - 194 g 3kg 300 - 323 g
1,5kg 237 - 254 g 3,5kg 333- 358 g
2kg 287 - 308 g 4kg 364 - 392 g
2,5kg 333 - 358 g 4,5kg 394 - 424 g
3kg 377 - 405 g 5kg 423 - 455 g
3,5kg 418 - 448 g  

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MAC's Cat 6 x 400g
: 4/5
Overall Rating (37)
: 5/5
: 4/5
: 3/5
: 2/5
: 1/5
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Customer Photos
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: 3/5
Not liked by any
I think it was the blueberries and cranberries that put them off.
: 1/5
It was such a great quality food..
BUT it's not anymore. Quality got so much worse. There's no more gravy in it, so it's like very hard pate. My cats used to love it and now they just barely touch it. It's really disappointing as there are not many cat food with low % of phosphates which my cat need. Gonna look for something else.
18/03/23|Laura Page
: 1/5
Why has the price suddenly shot up?
The last batch was disappoint, the ring pulls kept breaking so I had to use a can opener which wouldnt open the cans properly. There seems to be more like rock hard chunks in the food which is not safe for kittens and bits that look like chicken throats.
: 5/5
Our breeder used this brand. I continued mainly on kitten tins and occasionally single protein cans. Now there was a situation when she was not keen on eating it but I realised that this was because it was to cold ( I keep open cans in fridge ) started adding some warm water to make it room temperature. No issues anymore eats every bit, further more I don’t need to worry about his ration. All in all great value for quality.
29/01/23|Anika Clark
: 5/5
Cats go crazy for Macs.
My cats go crazy for this food, they absolutely love it! Really high meat content, top quality, looks and smells good even to me. All the best ingredients without any of the nasty stuff found in commercial cat food.
: 5/5
Maine Coon Munchies
My two hated this at first but after some persistence they now wolf it down and will eat an entire can in one sitting (Maine coons have big appetites!). I like that it's made mostly of meat and there's no soya or grain in it, it's much better suited to a cats digestive system and its very moist so keeps them hydrated.
: 1/5
My cats are fussy like all cats, but they will eat food that is not their preferred choice if hungry enough. This however, they would not touch at all, even if mixed with other foods. I Ended up donating it all to the local cat rescue. Waste of money!
: 3/5
Good quality, but nobody liked it!
I couldn't find a cat who would eat this. It may have been down to the flavour, Chicken and Salmon - it had some banana added for some reason, maybe this is why my cats hated it! I really wanted them to like this, maybe others will have better luck with another flavour.
: 5/5
Really good
This flavour is my cats' favouriate and it is good of value for such big size. Cranberry could be good for their urine tracts too, although the quality and content of meat is not the best of other canned food( like catz and wildfreedom), it is still good.
: 1/5
My kitten didn’t like it
Wouldn’t even touch it!
: 5/5
Mac's 400g cans
My ragdoll love all varieties he leaves his bowl clean every time
: 5/5
Excellent cat food!!
All 7 cats love this!
28/06/20|Linsey Harrower
: 5/5
My maine coon kitten (16 weeks) loves MACs wet food. Our breeder had her on this initially and I've continued it now she's in her forever home, and she still runs to her dish when she sees me putting it down. I would like to see the Kitten food available in more flavour varieties, especially since there is such a good range in the Adult cat selection. My only concern is my kitten gets bored eating the same everyday and might eventually go off it...
: 5/5
My cat loves this
My cat loves this food, there are never any leftovers in the bowl. The high meat content and quality is obvious as soon as you open the tin. I am happy and my cat is very happy too.
: 1/5
Cats hate this food!
My cats are eating everything and I have been buying all sorts of wet food brands from cheap one to expensive "premium" and generally there was no problem to clean up the full bowl to the last bit. Every morning they have 200g and when I am back from work there is nothing left, but not with MAC's! Cats hate it and they basically run away from it. I was trying to fed them by hand, mix the food with other brands, add leftover chicken from dinner and nothing will convince them to eat this stuff...
: 5/5
Loved ut!
I have an older cat who is very fussy and she lived the salmon and chicken version. My othee cat did too. So good that they left absolutely nothing! The bonus was also neither asked for food a few hours later which is what they constantly do with pouches so it filled them ip. Will defo be buying more.
: 5/5
People’s cats must be really fussy because my 7 month Bengal was eating Lidl food but as soon as she came to my house I have her this and she loves it , not even mentioning the amazing ingredients. She is healthy and happy as well as this he also eats feringa and animoda and it’s amazing , if you want your cat to eat well give it this food , not all cat may like it but it’s amazing quality and you shouldn’t be fooled by the negative comments . When my cat is happy I am .
: 5/5
Great until the recipe changes
I've tried two different Mac's flavours with my extremely fussy Ragdoll first one was great til they changed the recipe, she would touch it. It took me days to wean her onto the cranberry and poultry one. Low and behold they've changed that too, it's much darker in colour, it's an absolute nightmare dealing with a fussy cat. Please keep the recipe consistent!
: 5/5
Best food I ever bought for my cats
After trying a lot of different brands macs seems to be the perfect food. My cats love it and I noticed the smaller cats grew and they have healthier, thicker hair. The food doesn’t smell like other brands since it contains so much meat. Btw, I read a lot of reviews where people give 1 star just because their cats don’t like it. It’s cats choice but doesn’t mean food is bad!
: 1/5
Neither cat would touch it
It looked good , it smelled ok but cats didn’t want to know so have loads of it to give away to charity now