Royal Canin Canine Care Nutrition Satisfaction Guarantee

Royal Canin Satisfaction Guarantee

Royal Canin Care Nutrition

Royal Canin Satisfaction Guarantee

Did you know that even the healthiest of dogs can suffer with certain sensitivities? In as many as one in three dogs, this can result in flatulence, too-soft faeces, dry skin or dull coat.

In response to the special requirements these sensitivities can cause, ROYAL CANIN has developed a new product range - Canine Care. These balanced, complete dishes are available in both wet and dry food varieties, depending on your dog’s needs and preferences.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Royal Canin Satisfaction Guarantee

ROYAL CANIN has so much confidence in its Canine Care range that it offers a money-back guarantee for these products.

If after 4 weeks of feeding your dog exclusively with ROYAL CANIN Canine Care Nutrition you are not completely satisfied with the results, then you will receive 100% of the purchase price back.

Here's how it works

Royal Canin Satisfaction Guarantee

Royal Canin Canine Care Product Overview


Have you noticed that your dog is gaining weight? Nowadays many pets are overweight, which can put additional strain on joints and health. Get your dog in shape with a balanced, tasty and filling diet and switch to ROYAL CANIN Light Weight Care!

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