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Hill's Pet Nutrition

Hill's Pet Nutrition


From puppies or kittens to senior citizens, Hill's, science-based dog and cat nutrition is always one step ahead - for a difference you can see, feel and trust.

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Hill's always thinks one step ahead so you and your pet can enjoy today. Their recipes help dogs and cats achieve a healthy weight and make the eyes of older animals shine - a difference you can see, feel and trust.

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We trust science to transform lives

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Nutrition led by science and loved by pets

Hill's science-led nutrition is formulated to anticipate pets' ever-changing nutritional needs. Developed by vets, nutritionists and food scientists, Hill's is vet-recommended pet food, scientifically formulated for pets' unique needs, at every lifestage.

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Hill's global Pet Nutrition Centre is where we care for 900+ dogs and cats to help us better understand pets' biology and optimise our ingredients accordingly — so your pet has the best nutrients for their best life.

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Food, shelter & love

The Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love programme has helped more than 12 million shelter pets find forever homes, provided more than €284M in food and partnered with over 1,000 animal shelters worldwide since 2002.

Hill's pet food specially designed for dogs & cats

Are you looking for a special food developed by veterinarians for your dog or cat? Here are some interesting facts about the Hill's brand: Hill's has two very well-known food lines: Hill's Science Plan & Hill's Prescription Diet. Science Plan and Prescription Diet are the work of 150 veterinarians and nutritionists who develop compounds and formulas with coordinated ingredients and more than 100 different nutrients. Both Science Plan and Prescription Diet are manufactured under strict regulations and high sanitary standards to ensure the best safety and quality for your pet. Tailored to the individual needs of your pet, Hill's Science Plan and Hill's Prescription Diet offer a wide range of customized products.

Are you looking for the right Hills dog food or Hills cat food?

The brand offers a wide range of high quality, tested Hill's dry food and Hill's wet food products. Hill's dog food and Hill's cat food is divided into the brands Hill's Science Plan and Hill's Prescription Diet. Science Plan offers everything your healthy pet needs at different stages of life. From puppy age or kitten age to senior, but also as an adult dog or cat to support special needs with, for example, light or grain-free wet and dry food.

Your dog or cat has been recommended special food by a veterinarian?

In addition to the Science Plan brand, which primarily develops products for healthy animals, the Hill's Prescription Diet brand includes a variety of specialty products for sick dogs and cats. Hill's Prescription Diet offers clinically tested dog and cat foods for diseases of the urinary tract, joints, skin or to help and support the treatment of digestive problems. Hill's I/D Dog and Hill's I/D Cat, for example, is highly digestible food for adult dogs or cats suffering from gastrointestinal diseases and alleviates acute absorption problems. At the same time, it balances the digestion. This Hill's food can also contribute to a faster recovery after operations or accidents.

Are you looking for tasty but healthy snacks for your dog?

Everyone likes to please their four-legged friend by rewarding and spoiling them with tasty treats. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to consider the needs of the dog. Hill's has therefore developed, in addition to Hill's Science Plan and Hill's Prescription Diet, its own Hill's Snack line for dogs, whose composition is optimally adapted to individual conditions. This makes Hill's Snacks suitable for dogs with food sensitivities, overweight or even older dogs with dental problems. From grain-free, hypoallergenic to joint-supporting, there really is something for every canine companion!