My 4 cats & neighbours 2 cats said NO

An expensive mistake as my 4 cats refused to even taste it. One sniff & they were gone!. Thinking my 4 might be spolit brats, I passed 4 cans to my neighbours & their cats also refused to eat it. The local fox is now eating the food as its less fussy .

03/16/21 | Raymond

Oh dear . Our cats not interested .

Bought a mixed 6 pack . Tried it on our two cats and they would not touch . The stray cat we have been feeding for a number of days wouldn't eat it.


Very good quality

My two cats love it. No grains and others nasty staff. Very good quality.



My 3 cats go crazy for this food. Really good value for money as one can feeds all three of them. I love that it's all meat too with no added nastiness like other brands. Super healthy and super tasty according to the kitties.

02/05/21 | Mr Arjuna Subanandan

no good

my cat is not a fuss eater but she hated this.

01/25/21 | Candycat

Cat adores it

Bought the trial pack on offer. Cat adores it. Introduced it by giving it with some of her old food and the wild freedom was gobbled up and her old food left in the bowl! Just got to hope everything’s all ok the other end... if you know what I mean.

01/22/21 | Rachael Clyne

great value

I wanted to try this for my cat, who's used to chicken or fish, not game. She was hesitant at first, but now enjoys it. The main surprise is the size of the tins, I can get 3 portions from each tin, so I think it's good value.


2 bsh

It used to be a good quality, as my cats always ate it very well. They prefer chicken and chicken and rabbit variety. But seems there has been lately some changes in quality of chicken variety. So far when i opened the tin it smelt good, was pinkish in colour and cats cleaned their bowls. Now, last two times it has been brownish in colour, smells funny and cats turned their noses up, even my rescue who is not fussy with the food. So will look for something else now. Its a good price but sorry.

11/25/20 | Trami

Kitten loves it

My kitten really likes this food and I’m happy he does as the ingredients are good. There are visible chunks of meat and offals which I think is a sign of quality. We buy all flavours and didn’t have any issues, keeping it on reorder :)

09/27/20 | Gosia

Very Good foods

Great price! High quality!

09/22/20 | Nana

Very meaty but reasonable price

I have tried different products with high meat contents but fairly reasonable. These are one of the best to my eyes (and my cats!) Very meaty and you can see chunks of meat. Smell really delicious to us as well (not sure that’s a good thing as our sense of smell can be different from cats!) I feel like I finally found something affordable but happy to feed my cats in terms of quality.


Very good

Superb quality. Cats love it.

06/12/20 | Michelle

Great food

My cats love this food!


Good quality meaty texture cat food!

I'm confident this is a high quality product, and we've settled on this as choice of wet food, though now sticking to one flavour (Pure Chicken). Tried Grau (very good, slightly more expensive, but I think our cat went off it due to me messing around buying different flavours) and CatzFineFood (also very good, though less 'meaty' and dense than Grau or WildFreedom), but we've only ended up with a stable situation of food never being rejected by feeding WildFreedom Pure Chicken.

05/18/20 | Chloe

Surprisingly good

Didn’t expect my kitten loves this wet food that much. So happy that I found my kitten’s favourite wet food.

05/14/20 | Teddy's Mum

Fussy Meowdle with IBD & Pancreatitis

Having just recently been diagnosed with IBD Intestinal Bowel Disease, and already having lived with Pancreatitis for the last 4 years, poor Teddy wasn't doing so well, at aged almost 10. I got this mixed trial hoping he wouldn't simply go off it after 3 mouthfuls, like he does for everything, v fussy! He not only ate it all, he cleaned his bowl clean! Happy Teddy is now eating for England :) in fact we have to be careful as he'd eat and eat this food!

02/27/20 | Meena Patel

Kittens have gone wild

First time trying it and our NFC kittens have gone wild! They're devouring it! Thanks

02/11/20 | Ann Mackay

Good Food at a Reasonable Price.

Wild Freedom has become the main food for my cats. The ingredients are excellent - lots of good quality meat with no cereals or other cheap bulking stuff that shouldn't be there! The food looks and smells nice and is eaten enthusiastically by my two fussy cats. They eat all the flavours, though I find I have to occasionally give rabbit and lamb flavours a miss because they can get bored with those - but they will eat them again after a while. Wild Freedom is an essential in this house!



My 5 month old maine coon kitten LOVES this food. No toilet issues at all and I feel happier knowing I'm feeding her a high meat content, grain free food.

06/18/19 | Cybil

Maine coons love it

My cats all enjoyed this food and the price isn't bad! Will defo be purchasing again!

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