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Wild Freedom Adult Saver Pack 12 x 200g

Product description

Wild Freedom Adult Saver Pack 12 x 200g 4 8
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Product description

Inspired by your cat's natural eating habits in the wild, this complete wet cat food is nutritious and species-appropriate, meat rich, grain, lactose and gluten-free. Now in a 12 x 200g saver pack.
Wild Freedom Premium cat food at a glance:
  • 100 % grain-free
  • Excellent source of top quality protein
  • Balanced, complete wet food for adult cats
  • Gently prepared
  • Free from artificial preservatives, aromas and colours
  • Lactose and gluten-free
  • Total meat content including lean muscle meat: 69 %
Wild Freedom 12 x 200g is available in the following varieties:
  • Wide Country - Pure Chicken: Mono-protein food made using only chicken. Very tasty and well accepted
  • Cold River - Pollock & Chicken: A delicious combination of fish and poultry and a good source of easy to digest protein and fat
  • Green Lands - Lamb & Chicken: A flavoursome lamb with juicy chicken combo. Rich in taste, healthy and irresistible
  • Golden Valley - Rabbit & Chicken: Tender rabbit and juicy chicken. Highly digestible and very palatable
  • Deep Forest - Game & Chicken: Hearty game meat and tender chicken. Top quality protein, great-tasting mix
  • Farmlands - Beef & Chicken: Tender beef combined with delicious chicken for a tasty, easy to digest meal
  • Wild Hills - Duck & Chicken: Tasty duck with juicy chicken, full of vital, great-tasting protein
The 12 x 200g Wild Freedom wet cat food mixed pack contains:
  • 4 x Pure Chicken
  • 2 x Game & Chicken
  • 2 x Rabbit & Chicken
  • 2 x Lamb & Chicken
  • 2 x Pollock & Chicken
Wild Freedom Adult wet cat food is a wholesome wet food formulated specifically for adult cats and inspired by your cat's natural instincts. It is species-appropriate, packed with vital nutrients and tastes delicious.
The modern, tame cat that is a member of your family has evolved from the wild cat, and even though it has been domesticated for thousands of years, it still retains the predator instincts of its ancestors. Domesticated cats are obligate carnivores, in other words they need to eat meat to survive so it is important to give them a diet with lots of healthy, protein-rich meat which provides them with all the nutrients they need to stay healthy. This premium wet food is made with lots of healthy meat including lean muscle meat. The total meat content comes to 98%. And since cats do not eat grain in the wild this cat food is completely grain-free.

This food is suitable for adult cats of all breeds. The nutritious combination of easy to digest animal protein and fats is well accepted and tolerated, even by picky cats!


Wild Freedom is a complete wet food for adult cats

Cold River: 55% chicken (meat, liver, stock), 43% pollock, fish stock, 2% minerals
Wide Country 98% chicken (meat, liver, gizzards, stock), 2% minerals
Green Lands: 53% chicken (meat, liver, stock), 45% lamb( meat, kidneys, liver, stock), 2% minerals
Golden Valley: 53% chicken (meat, liver, stock), 45% rabbit (meat, heart, kidneys, liver, stock), 2% minerals
Deep Forest: 53% chicken (meat, liver, stock), 45% game (venison/deer meat), game stock, 2% minerals
Farmlands: 62% chicken (meat, liver, stock), 36% beef (lung, meat, stock), 2% minerals
Wild Hills: 62% chicken (meat, liver, stock), 36% duck (meat, heart, stock), 2% minerals

Nutritional additives per kg:
Vitamin D3 200 IU, vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol acetate) 25mg, taurine 1000mg, zinc [zinc sulphate, monohydrate], 15mg, manganese [manganese (II) sulphate, monohydrate] 3mg, iodine [potassium iodide] 0.5mg

Energy / 100 g:
Wide Country, Cold River, Golden Valley: ME (FEDIAF, 2014): 399 kJ / 95 kcal
Green Lands: ME (FEDIAF, 2014): 416 kJ / 99 kcal
Deep Forest: ME (FEDIAF, 2014): 425 kJ / 102 kcal
Farmlands: ME (FEDIAF, 2018): 431 kJ / 103 kcal
Wild Hills: ME (FEDIAF, 2018): 479 kJ / 114 kcal

Analytical constituents

protein 11.0 %
fat 6.6 %
fibre 0.3 %
ash 1.8 %
calcium 0.3 %
phosphorus 0.22 %
moisture 80.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
Wild Freedom is a complete wet food for adult cats.
Please note that the recommended food amounts are guidelines per day. The actual feeding amounts will depend on your pet's individual circumstances. Monitor your pet's weight and adjust feeding amounts as required.
Fresh water should be provided at all times.


Cat's weight Sterilised and indoor cats Active cats
2kg 85 - 125g 165g
3kg 115 - 165g 220g
4kg 140 - 200g 265g
5kg 160 - 230g 310g
6kg 180 - 260g 350g
7kg 200 - 290g 385g



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