05/27/22 | Amy Rose

A staple for my rotation

I've had my kitties on it since moving to the UK 3 years ago, along with a few others that have changed since then. It has more than just muscle meat, which is a must for cats. Nothing goes to waste either, so it's a paws up from my kitties too.
04/18/22 | Sarah K

Recipe change

I bought this product due to the high meat conent and nutritional value. My cats loved all the flavours but from the last order, they refused to touch the Beef and Chicken, which I ended up throwing out. As others have mentioned, there are a few more mousse like flavours than there were. But it is only the Beef &Chicken that the cats refuse.
03/17/22 | Julia

Not a good change

My cat won't touch beef/chicken wet food . I believe the recipe/ quality has changed . Disappointing

From quality to rubbish

It's difficult to believe that the ingredients haven't changed (the listed ingredients haven't changed at all) because the product is now entirely different looking. As others have mentioned, from a chunky-ish consistency to basically solidified mousse that sticks to the inside of the can. My cat now gets constipation from this food and risks pancreatitis flare ups. Utterly cynical and shameful from this company. Why have you done this? Greed.
03/04/22 | Steve

Change has ruined it

Both our cats were brought up on this but since the change to paste like jelly they don’t eat it.
01/20/22 | Catrina


My cats all loved this food, but since you have changed the recipe from a nice chunky meat with jelly and pieces you could actually see, to a vile mousse like pate - presumably for your your own selfish profits - they absolutely hate it. My guess is that you have done this across all of the flavours which has made a great quality food absolute rubbish. With the quality of all the foods from Zooplus becoming impossible to get, choices are becoming too limited.
01/19/22 | Deborah

They hate it

I know it's really good food with good ingredients, unfortunately the won't eat it at all (I've tried all the flavours...) Lost a lot of money here, so disappointed...
09/04/21 | Isabel

All of my cats love this food

I have 4 cats and they all love this food and get so excited about it. I love that is has no added sugar and meat is the main ingredient.

My kitten won’t touch it :/

My kitten loves wild nature dry food, but wet food not even licked once. Such a shame as ingredients looks really good.
03/19/21 | Ann E Appleton

Not my cat's favourite

I bought as a change for Florence, my British Shorthair. It looks good quality and after being unsure, she will eat most of it. But what on earth is that smell? No-one has mentioned it. I'm afraid I can no longer put up with it, as I really do find it revolting . Florence will be back on the Animonda Carny.
12/19/20 | Mike

Best cat food

Never seen better, my cat loves it looks and smells as good as human conserve, high protein content makes my cat happy and she's not begging for more food 100% recommend

Not liked by 10 out of 10 cats

Tried with ten cats and none would eat this food. However I don't think it's the foods fault, it's good quality with good ingredients at a great price. Unfortunately it's just not for us.
10/17/18 | Amber

Fussy cat

My fussy cat with a sensitive stomach loves this food

My 3 all liked it

Makes a nice alternative to Catz and all of them gobbled it down. Looks meaty - a bit like corned beef - will buy again

Good quality

This looks like a quality meat product should look and my cats absolutely devoured it, licking the plates clean. I like the fact that it is not full of additives and fillers and is species-appropriate.
01/26/18 | Florene


Great high meat content, lovely differing textures (the pollock and chicken is like a whipped mousse, chicken mono-protein is coarser with chunks of breast meat) and my cat loves it! Grain-free too.

Cat do not like this!

I bought the variety pack, as the ingredients sounds great. unfortunately our cats dislike it. One cat refuses to eat it point blank the other will eat it but wont finish her plate. I wouldn't recommend this food, but all cats are different. Cant fault zooplus thought delivery was well packaged and arrived on time.
01/13/18 | andrea abbott


I purchased this for my multi-cat household mainly consisting of Maine Coons and Norwegian forest cats. On opening the meat is firm a little bit hard to remove from the tin, I added some water to it as its much drier than other foods but with 98% meat in large 400g tins I cant moan, as for the cats they dived in and cleared the bowl It really seemed to satisfie them its so hard to get such good quality food, in large tins at a reasonable price I have 10 hungry mouths to feed so sachets are not

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