12/06/19 | Paul

Dried Tripe

This is a great natural and healthy high protein treat for dogs - who love it

12/02/18 | Robert gemmell

Thanks very much

Great for teething puppy something they will always love

09/30/18 | Piotr I.

My dog is still crazy about this treat :)

First time I bought it about year ago and it was perfect. When I was thinking about buying it again I wasn’t sure about the quality of the product because last 5-6 comments was negative. I decided to take a risk and ordered the biggest pack again. I’m not disappointed. It looks and smells the same for me and my dog loves it. Thank you.

05/26/17 | Philippa

Good price

I bought two packs my dogs love tripe and this is a mess free way of feeding it to them while strengthening their jaws and helping to keep their teeth healthy!

04/28/17 | Mastiff Sally

Great as 'toothbrush' at bedtime.

My dogs love this. I give them a piece at bedtime to get any bits of food - they are on a raw diet - from between their teeth. I intersperse it nightly with bulls pizzles and other good, natural, healthy chews. So much better than junk advertised as good for dogs teeth which my vet told me is "like Mars bars for dogs".

02/05/17 | Claire

Great product, great price

We use this as dog walkers. It's great to have a product that's not full of nasties and sugar to have a first meeting. It's always a guaranteed success and you can break it so it's appropriate for the size dog. The dogs love it so we do too. Thanks for such a great product with a great price point.

12/10/16 | June Jacobs


Our dogs love it, have every day and they look forward to their beef tripe, I would like the 5kgs to be in 500g packets rather than one enormous bag

09/15/16 | MP-S

Brilliant Treats

I have 2 Weimaraner/Greyhounds and these pieces of tripe are just the best. They are in a variety of sizes which is very useful and can easily be broken down into smaller pieces when wanted. I use the smaller pieces high value treats when they are out in the park etc. I use larger pieces to treat them when I return home and they have been good. As others have commented they are non fattening, good for sensitive tummies (like my dogs have) and they keep well. I buy the large economy size.

06/18/16 | Julie

Stinky but lovely!

My dogs get a stick of dried green tripe everyday! They love it! It doesn't upset their tummies, and it's cleaning up their teeth beautifully. It's wholesome and natural with great benefits - so win win!

06/12/16 | Carl

Smelly but great

I bought his after reading about them on a raw feeding group on Facebook and I'm not disappointed! We give this to our 4 month old beagle pup to keep him busy while we're having dinner. He takes about half a hour to finish!



My Boxer and Lurcher get so excited when they know they are getting this treat. Gives them a good chew but all gone in seconds.

09/14/15 | susyn

best treat I ever bought my dogs!

Rocco tripe sticks are overwhelmingly stinky but they are the only snack I have come across that no dog would refuse - tasty and full of nutrients. My three dogs sit by the cupboard at bedtime every evening waiting for their cullinary highlight :)

09/08/15 | Lynn Wood

very stinky but cant beat it

best treat ever for your dog they will love you forever..

05/02/15 | Louise with amber & leopold

great stinky stuff

We have been buying Rocco tripe sticks for the past two years after having a bag given to our gsd to try ,well she was in love with the smell which was strong to say the least,and after reading how beneficial the green tripe can be for dogs we thought we would make it her regular treat .we now also have a gsd male pup who also has fallen head over for the stinky stuff and the great prices zooplus have and very prompt delivery make it easy to obtain when ever were getting low on stink reserves so thank you zooplus we all very happy shepherds woof woof


A healthy and nutritious alternative to hide chews.

My wire-haired dachshund just loves this daily treat. Tripe has long been considered a beneficial addition to a canine diet unlike hide or cereal-based alternatives. At his annual check-up, the vet asked what my dog gnawed on to keep his molars so clean. The fibrous nature of the product seems to act as a toothbrush to great effect.

04/01/15 | JP

Best dried tripe

This dried tripe beats all of the others we've tried. I have one cat who is keen on it, as well as the dog. Neither will eat other brands with such vigour as they do Rocco. Highly recommended!

03/18/14 | CA Carlton (ms)

ROCCO green tripe sticks

My 5 Ridgebacks & 3 Whippets love these as a treat which they get after their morning walk. And they are great for teething puppies too!

01/26/14 | Jo Maidment

Loved it

Our two Sprollies really enjoy this tripe. They have it every night after their last walk and can't wait for me to open the cupboard and get it out. It cleans their teeth and is purely natural. I would recommend to any dog owner.


Great stuff!

Our dog has a piece of tripe every night when she goes to bed - she loves it. The Zooplus price is the best I've found.

01/12/14 | Dawn Radford


Our 5 Weimaraners absolutely adored this natural green tripe. We use it weekly when we are trimming their nails it certainly gets their attention.