06/06/15 | Sherroll Foster

Not as good as previous cat feeder

When my cat feeder decided to stop working, I had to buy another one but unfortunately Zooplus no longer sold the blue one with digital time (I have no idea of the make). It is difficult to get the 2 timers in sync and invariably one opens before the other so one cat is left watching the other eating or they both try and eat out of the same side. It would be good if Zooplus once again sold the one with a digital timer as I would definitely buy another.

12/16/14 | Joan

poor finish/design of product

I've this feeding timer bought with a while but have only just started to use it recently. It doesn't take the battery that well on one side and it does on the other one so it's quite hard to remove the batteries when replacing one of them. Same goes for when the lids pop open, they kind of don't pop open, the 2 x lids hang down a bit, which is really very disappointing and might actually become massively unreliable. The 2 covers for the 2 batteries on each side, do not go in easily either. Badly designed product. It looks like the little black pieces to keep the lid up are quite flimsy so the design of this product is really not very sturdy. I can't see myself buying a product from Trixie again purely for the poor quality of finish. Hoping that it won't become worse as I start to use it more . . . wouldn't recommend, try a different brand of food timer.


Reliability Issues

I have 2 cats and have been used to using the cat mate C20 with no problems, however for going away for 2 nights I decided to buy an additional feeder. From day 1 on using this feeder I have had reliability issues with the timers going significantly out of sync (meaning that one cat has food whilst the other either has to go hungry, wait for left-overs or barge the other one out of the way) and, in some instances, not opening at all. On top of that, the clockwork mechanism is noisy (like a loud clock) when compare with the silent running of the cat mate. Whilst it is cheaper than the equivalent cat mate mode I personally would spend the extra money to ensure my kittys don't starve whilst I'm away.