Does the job (and ticks)

Basic feeder, has a very basic clock mechanism which ticks loudly - something to bear in mind if you don't like ticking. The timer dial can only be moved in one direction, so it's a bit on the fiddly side, but not a major issue. Timer dial is not very precise, only marked in hours, and not always clear if set more towards one than the other. My cats can't read the time so that's OK. Bowls can be lifted out for easy cleaning, and it comes with ice-packs which is great.

01/01/20 | Bee

Did the job for feeding outside strays

I was worried about 2 strays I'd been feeding in the garden when I had to go away for 2 nights. Bought this and happy to say it worked well. There is a slght ticking noise but it didn't scare the cats off. As it needed to hold food for 2 cats for 2 days I removed the little trays and filled the whole space up with dry food. Also, as it was outside in winter I put the feeder inside an insulated box (doing a test first to ensure there was room for the lids to open up properly) and it worked fine.

07/10/17 | Suzanne

Good in general

These are great feeders. They've always opened. I have several cats so these would be so much better if they were digital. The bowls are removable so easy to clean. My cats push these around so if they push them under something, a radiator or kitchen unit for example, this could prevent them opening fully. My biggest gripe is the ice packs, good idea, however I used them for the first time this week and cats removed one of the removable bowls, then chewed and punctured the flimsy ice pack. There is nothing in the information leaflet to say what this fluid contains. I will never use the ice packs again.