Trixie Automatic Food Dispenser TX2

2 x 300ml capacity
: 3/5
Practical Trixie food dispenser with an automatic timer for two separately adjustable bowls - intended for small dogs and cats....further information
Product description
Trixie Automatic Food Dispenser TX2
Trixie Automatic Food Dispenser TX2
Trixie Automatic Food Dispenser TX2
Trixie Automatic Food Dispenser TX2
Trixie Automatic Food Dispenser TX2
Trixie Automatic Food Dispenser TX2
Trixie Automatic Food Dispenser TX2
Trixie Automatic Food Dispenser TX2
Trixie Automatic Food Dispenser TX2
Trixie Automatic Food Dispenser TX2
Trixie Automatic Food Dispenser TX2
Trixie Automatic Food Dispenser TX2
Trixie Automatic Food Dispenser TX2
Trixie Automatic Food Dispenser TX2
Trixie Automatic Food Dispenser TX2
Trixie Automatic Food Dispenser TX2
2 x 300ml capacity101941.0

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Product description

Practical Trixie food dispenser with an automatic timer for two separately adjustable bowls - intended for small dogs and cats.

With this Trixie dispenser you can always provide the right amount of food for your pet right on time. You can program 2 x 300ml meals, time-delayed to open at the desired meal time. That way, no matter where you are, your pet can eat at the regular, scheduled time.

Aside from dry food, the TX2 is especially well-suited for serving canned pet food. The bowls are quick and simple to clean and you can place 2 ice packs under the bowls in order to keep the food fresh.

The TX2 comes with batteries with a life of approx. 1 year.


  • punctual meals
  • the bowl automatically opens at a programmed time
  • 48 hour timer
  • intended for both dry and canned food
  • easy to clean
  • serve 2 x 300 ml meals
  • includes two cool packs - simply place them under the bowl
  • two separate timers - allows the bowls to open at different times
  • anti-slip rubber feet
  • Size: 27 x 24 x 7 cm (LxWxH)

Please note: This product requires 2 x AA batteries, which are not included in delivery.

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Latest user reviews

: 1/5

Stopped Working

The product worked fine at first. It's a little hard to programme a time as it is a dial with 4 hour intervals, but I didn't mind the timing not being perfect. However after a few months of use, it just stopped working. Changed the batteries and that did not work. I can still hear the ticking inside, but the dial does not move.
05/04/22 | Shabz
: 1/5

Poor quality

Broke within 2 months of buying. Also my cat managed to figured out how to open the flap making the timer absolutely useless.
16/10/20 | Carrie
: 3/5

Basic but functional

It's cheap and it just about works. The timer is as basic as possible, and not precise. If you need precise timing or both sides to open at exactly the same time, spend more money. If you want your cat to get fed at roughly the correct time, the works. It ticks loudly but this is ok if you're not there. It continues to tick as long as it has batteries which would be annoying if using it daily. For occasional nights away, you'd want to remove the battery for storage anyway, so it's no big deal.
: 4/5

Does the job (and ticks)

Basic feeder, has a very basic clock mechanism which ticks loudly - something to bear in mind if you don't like ticking. The timer dial can only be moved in one direction, so it's a bit on the fiddly side, but not a major issue. Timer dial is not very precise, only marked in hours, and not always clear if set more towards one than the other. My cats can't read the time so that's OK. Bowls can be lifted out for easy cleaning, and it comes with ice-packs which is great.
01/01/20 | Bee
: 4/5

Did the job for feeding outside strays

I was worried about 2 strays I'd been feeding in the garden when I had to go away for 2 nights. Bought this and happy to say it worked well. There is a slght ticking noise but it didn't scare the cats off. As it needed to hold food for 2 cats for 2 days I removed the little trays and filled the whole space up with dry food. Also, as it was outside in winter I put the feeder inside an insulated box (doing a test first to ensure there was room for the lids to open up properly) and it worked fine.
01/05/19 | Murray
: 5/5

Changed my mind...

After years of considering whether to have a cat or not... suddenly I got two! Realising that I might still want to go out or away... this seemed like the ideal choice. But before it even arrived I'd decided that I should have got a fancier one... spoke to customer service, who were brilliant. They refunded me, asked that I donated this to an animal charity... which just leaves reviewing the fancy one!!
13/01/18 | Carol Gibbons
: 5/5

Double food dispencer

Absolutely love this product, the dogs love it too many thanks
27/09/17 | Laura
: 1/5

Do not buy!

The timers are useless - as they are wind up timers it is really hard to determine if both are even set for the same amount of time meaning one of your cats may be getting fed at a different time or both fighting over the same bowl. However, I did not actually get to test it as mine did not pop open! I wondered why my boy was waking me up at silly o'clock and I went into the hall and it got to 0 and did not pop open. I'll be investing in a moor expensive one with a better timer function.
10/07/17 | Suzanne
: 4/5

Good in general

These are great feeders. They've always opened. I have several cats so these would be so much better if they were digital. The bowls are removable so easy to clean. My cats push these around so if they push them under something, a radiator or kitchen unit for example, this could prevent them opening fully. My biggest gripe is the ice packs, good idea, however I used them for the first time this week and cats removed one of the removable bowls, then chewed and punctured the flimsy ice pack. There is nothing in the information leaflet to say what this fluid contains. I will never use the ice packs again.
07/02/17 | Kris McCulloch
: 1/5

Absolute garbage

I set both for one hour to test. 4 hours later nothing happened. I changed the batteries and tried again. Still nothing. I can hear ticking but the dial never moves. I could understand a fault with one side, but not both. Terrible product, save your money.
19/01/17 | Emma
: 1/5

Not suitable if you have several cats

Bought 2 of these as one cat has a special diet - have spent several days trying to get them to open at the same time and have failed at every attempt. Will be looking for another product
30/06/16 | SCG
: 5/5

Does what it says on the tin!

Having had issues with electronic feeders before, I wanted a mechanical feeder - less to go wrong! I've got both the single & dual units and after well over a year in use, have never had a failure to open. Easy to set as numbers are clear. My only gripe is, if you're using them daily, it would be nice to have a 2nd ice pack for each section so you could have one freezing while using the other (luckily I have now found ice packs that fit). Highly recommended
06/06/15 | Sherroll Foster
: 2/5

Not as good as previous cat feeder

When my cat feeder decided to stop working, I had to buy another one but unfortunately Zooplus no longer sold the blue one with digital time (I have no idea of the make). It is difficult to get the 2 timers in sync and invariably one opens before the other so one cat is left watching the other eating or they both try and eat out of the same side. It would be good if Zooplus once again sold the one with a digital timer as I would definitely buy another.
16/12/14 | Joan
: 2/5

poor finish/design of product

I've this feeding timer bought with a while but have only just started to use it recently. It doesn't take the battery that well on one side and it does on the other one so it's quite hard to remove the batteries when replacing one of them. Same goes for when the lids pop open, they kind of don't pop open, the 2 x lids hang down a bit, which is really very disappointing and might actually become massively unreliable. The 2 covers for the 2 batteries on each side, do not go in easily either. Badly designed product. It looks like the little black pieces to keep the lid up are quite flimsy so the design of this product is really not very sturdy. I can't see myself buying a product from Trixie again purely for the poor quality of finish. Hoping that it won't become worse as I start to use it more . . . wouldn't recommend, try a different brand of food timer.
18/08/14 | C.Dunne
: 5/5

Great! But numbers could be painted on better.

I'll get the critique out of the way first. I wish the numbers didn't rub off after a few weeks. I also wish the arrows were easier to see. It would also be nice if the time could be set by moving the dial backwards. Be aware that the rubber feet leave little lines on pale flooring when the cat nudges it. But these are mere niggles. This feeder as greatly improved my cats quality of life. Her digestive system is a little twitchy. She's also a "gobbler". She used to be sick most days until I decided to spread her meals out to roughly every 6 hours. I set the feeder to release kibble at roughly 2am and 2pm. I sometimes put the Snack Ball Cat Toy inside so that she has to bat it out and chase it. She is sick much less often. I also have no doubt that she enjoys "the chase". This adds some enrichment to the hours we're not around. The feeder also helps when she is with relatives during holidays. They can put her wet meals in with the cold pack and set the timer. That way, if their routine is different to hers, she still gets fed on time. The chambers are deep enough to take a small ramekin bowl filled with liquid. This makes them very versatile. I plan on buying more of the treat balls so that I can split her nighttime meals between both chambers for even more chasing fun!
24/02/13 | rachel
: 5/5

Reliable and solid, does the job.

I have found this to be very reliable. It goes off when set and despite my cat pushing it across the floor and making valiant attempts to break in, she has not yet succeeded! My cat has a tendency to beg for food so recently I have used it to feed her all her meals so she stops associating me walking into the kitchen with food. It comes with freezer packs so it can be used in the summer and the food kept cool. Good value.
19/12/12 | mel
: 5/5

does what it says

appears to be silent operating, popped open easily,no chance of it locking again accidently. only down side is the tray is easy for the cats to pull out and if the cooler pad is in they may have a chance of biting it. maybe a touch of blu tack just to secure the bowl!!
: 2/5

Reliability Issues

I have 2 cats and have been used to using the cat mate C20 with no problems, however for going away for 2 nights I decided to buy an additional feeder. From day 1 on using this feeder I have had reliability issues with the timers going significantly out of sync (meaning that one cat has food whilst the other either has to go hungry, wait for left-overs or barge the other one out of the way) and, in some instances, not opening at all. On top of that, the clockwork mechanism is noisy (like a loud clock) when compare with the silent running of the cat mate. Whilst it is cheaper than the equivalent cat mate mode I personally would spend the extra money to ensure my kittys don't starve whilst I'm away.
22/11/08 | kj
: 5/5

dog food timmer

it was well good is it