08/06/22 | Lynn

Beautiful, but top section won’t attach.

I won this in a competition and couldn’t wait to build it for my cat. I’ve only managed the bottom with one basket as the top simply won’t attach. It’s as if the screw threads are not aligned. Very disappointed as my cat went straight in the bottom basket and I’m sure she would love it if she could get to a higher spot to snooze.
07/20/22 | Rey Blu

Baskets unsafe after 7 months

Had this cat tree since December and it’s already become a hanging hazard. The baskets have holes in them exposing the metal frame underneath. A cat could easily get their head stuck in the basket which could be deadly. Not worth the risk at all. Shame because the cat tree does look really nice but it just doesn’t last for long if your cats enjoy taking chunks out of the straw! I was tempted to cover the straw with something else, but doesn’t seem worth it.
07/17/22 | Annelies van Wamel

Looks lovely but.....

It really looks lovely. Just don't let your cats on it. At assembly the bottom and top bit didn't fit tightly. The bolt to connect both was loose and no way to tighten it. There's only the smallest bit of wire left to screw the top on which quickly loses its thread and I dread my cats jumping to the top basket. Such a shame!
06/27/22 | Kat


My 6 month old cat absolutely loves it, was already playing with feather before I constructed it. I personally found it easy to assemble but I'm OK putting a flat pack bookcase together on my own! Really well made and extremely sturdy!! Head and shoulders above the rest and (quite literally as its very tall and you do need room for as it is XXL) I love it!
06/17/22 | Marie

Difficult assembly

Without a doubt one of the most time consuming and frustrating things I’ve ever had to assemble. All straightforward and easy APART from the midsection, on which the thread wouldn’t engage until many many tries later. The screw thread still had burrs on and just seems like poor manufacturing quality in general. However, once fully assembled it is a very aesthetically pleasing cat tree and my little kitty loves it, so it was all worth it. Seems pretty stable too but this is day one….
06/12/22 | Karolina

Had to get a handyman to fix

It looks amazing, don’t get me wrong. However, the top part quickly became loose and started to wobble pretty badly. Got a handyman out to unscrew it and then use super strong glue to put it back together. I mean I only had one small cat when I got it in the first place. I would really like to get some sort of refund but can’t figure out how to apply on it online …

Gorgeous tree!

My cats adore this tree! I have three cats, I was looking for a cat tree that wasn’t too bulky and something that looked stylish! This is perfect! Amazing price with the discount, the delivery was fast! I would recommend this 100 percent.
06/09/22 | Marilyn Dawson

Should have read all the reviews before purchase

Joining the two halves together has proved impossible, would not catch on the thread which appears non existent. It has taken three people and most of the morning. Left it in the end as a shortened version. Waste of time and money.

Very sturdy

Love this cat tree. I have 2 British Shorthairs, so need something that can take their weight. This is perfect and very stable.

Cat Tree

My cat love it. Perfect for Sphinx. Looks nice in the room. Not great to build it hehe
05/15/22 | Beki

Very pretty

I'm not keen on the look of most cat trees but this one looks great. I've only had my kittens for a few days so can't attest to its longevity but it seems pretty sturdy! The kittens are too tiny to get to the top, but now that they understand the general principles of the tree they are having fun climbing up to the first branch, and they love the feathers

So good I bought another

Bought the first one over six years ago and it's still going strong even with four cats. It looks slightly tatty but nothing that bad. Very impressive considering the previous two (different models) only lasted a couple of years. Took the plunge and bought a second one when we moved somewhere with more room. The cats are very happy and the price was exactly the same!
04/17/22 | Tina Corless

Best ever!

My cats absolutely love this. They climb all over it and hang on. Ideal for Bengals and forest cats. I wouldn’t buy anything else. They also prefer this at times to my bed.
04/11/22 | Daniela

Absolutely amazing

This cat tree is one of the best cat trees I have ever bought! It is incredibly staple and looks just beautiful. My two cats were a bit suspicious to begin with but now love it. I am not someone writes reviews very often but I can recommend this tree without any hesitation.
03/30/22 | GRANIA READ

Nice looking, but terrible design...

Two men, one an engineer, tried to put this cat tree together and had to give up. The screw between upper and lower "trunk" would not engage, rendering the whole upper part unusable. A great disappointment for an expensive bit of kit that could have been stunning.

Great value and long lasting

We've had our original one for nearly 6 years now and it's still going strong. Ordering another as our new house has somewhere for a second big one (we have four cats!)
03/09/22 | Liz

They love it!

Very happy with this. It was a gamble but they adore it! And it’s the most aesthetically pleasing cat tree I’ve ever seen.
02/18/22 | Stephanie H

Huge hit

Both my cats love it wish I’d purchased it sooner. Was a little bit dubious as is more expensive then the sheepskin towers that we’ve previously purchased but so glad I did. Also surprisingly makes the home look more spacious then the tall block trees. Hoping that it will last longer and not look as grubby in time.

Could be better

I would give this a 5* plus rating as it was a huge hit with all my ragdolls. The only and BIG issue is the quality of the welding of the threaded plate attached to the upper section. The tree became wobbly and wouldn’t tighten. After investigating I discovered the plate had only been badly snorted together instead of a good strong weld. I would like to think this was just someone having a bad skills day rather than the general build quality as I would buy another.
01/10/22 | Matthew Vose

Huge success

Within minutes of being put up the cats were settling into their baskets (in fact they were determined to hunt the feathers before it was even put together). In the few days since they've been very comfortable sleeping in the tree, using different baskets, sometimes even sharing a basket. They're jumping between baskets and climbing the tree, it's staying stable and upright through all this. On top of all that, it looks terrific, and people have been asking where we got it.

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