EXCELLENT for Narrow Space!

We moved recently & the wide cat tree we have will only fit in the bedroom. The cats LOVE being up high & this fits the narrow space next to the window perfectly! I love the light wood & cream fleece which are smoothly engineered & could be painted or varnished if desired (with child-friendly paint). I switched the hammock to the bottom & tightened the top against the ceiling (which I had measured before buying). WONDERFUL product!

08/16/21 | Kerry

Great product

Purchased this to replace my 2 other cat towers as one aged out and one got broken when moving house. The cats have investigated but not yet used - only assembled this evening! Easy instructions and very good, sturdy product. Would’ve been helpful if the dowel and screw needed to fix the product to the wall was included - I’m going to need to go out and buy these bow to make sure it’s as safe as possible. If those were included I would’ve given it 5 stars

12/18/20 | Georgie

Best cat tree EVER!!!!

My baby’s love this I’m even debating buying another one as they all love sitting up the top! Honestly buy this cat tree you won’t regret it

12/11/20 | Saule

The tree is class🎉

My cat absolutely loved it at the first day. My four maine coons are over the moon! Very good quality, sturdy, slightly bigger than I expected, but that's even better. Easy to clean removable cushions. Very happy with my choice.

10/10/20 | Jo


I get the scratchy tree already two years nothing happened since that. My cat still love apart from my bed A good few different but I think that my favourite. Easy to wash and clean

08/12/20 | SUIE TOMASINI


My 12 weeks old kittens love it. They love climbing up to the top shelf chill out and lying down to watch a TV. Good quality scratching post. Easy assemble cat tree.

06/03/20 | Laila

Excellent buy, excellent service!

Outstanding quality, worth every penny! Thank you Zooplus :)

11/20/19 | Clair Cuthbertson

Great buy!

This is really sturdy, my 2 cats love to play on this everyday! They jump on this together and play fight at the top and this product is about 4/5 months old now and still in perfect condition. 100% recommend buying this!

02/12/19 | BS

Great tree but the hammock isn't replaceable.

My cat loves her tree but sadly the hammock has worn out after three years and zooplus don't sell replacements so only buy this if you can sew so you can make your own replacement.

12/30/18 | Sheria

XL cat tree..cats abandoned me

Purchased the cat tree for my 2 British shorthairs for xmas. Easy to put together and looks amazing when up..only down side is my 2 British shorthairs love it that much i no longer see them and have to grab a chair just to go say hello..love seeing my boys happy though so I've got to take comfort in the fact that there both happy

06/10/18 | Rosemary Le Motttee

King of the tower - he loves it.

He tried all the levels and goes on different ones seemingly depending on the time of the day and the view out the window. He looks so comfortable and happy, so thumbs up from Lucky. I only the other hand had one slight complaint... I don't feel like one screw is sufficient for the wall bracket and I will be adding 2 more to make it less wobbly for future. Unfortunately my ceiling is 2 inches short so I couldn't add the final bit on the top so that may contribute to the wobbling.


Great sturdy tree!

I have two chunky BSH cats, both love this tree, it takes up much less floor space than other trees and the cats love to climb up right to the top. Often one will hang of the hammock and try to launch a playful attack on the other on the way up, so it’s good for play as well as sleep! The little den was also a great safe place for our kitten to hide away when we first brought him home and he still fits in it now.

11/14/17 | Mrs E A Strachan


Sturdy, attractive, versatile, washable beds, small footprint, what's not to like?


My Cornish Rexes love it!

Sturdy structure, good quality, easy to assemble. Suitable for large active cats.

02/12/17 | Anna

Great BUT read this first

This is a great cat tree. The construction is solid and I like that you can assemble it in different ways. BUT......it is too tall to have to the ceiling brace in my UK home so I have had to leave the top bit off. It is attached to the wall with the wall bracket but the whole thing shakes when my cat plays on it. It is at the point where I am worried it will pull the wall bracket off the wall along with a chunk of plaster.

02/05/17 | Claire


This is one stunning piece of cat furniture. It was simple to assemble, on my own. I did it in less than 10mins. The only bit I had trouble with was the top piece, but a little bit of wiggling and it was fine. No one has ventured up to the top platform yet, but I'm sure they will.

01/31/17 | Sue hughes

Natural paradise ceiling cat tree

Great product, it is too tall for modern house ceilings, so had t modify it, a shame really would have been 5 stars otherwise.

10/24/16 | Hani

Overall very good but...

I'm happy with the size and the quality of this tree as my two cats have no problem using it. I would say the wall bracket is a must otherwise when they jump up and down the whole thing shakes. However I don't know why the screw is not included in the pack!! The hole for the screw is quite large so you need to find your own way to fix it on the wall - still haven't found the right crew yet. But otherwise good. Just a little bit disappointed.

06/09/15 | Lorraine McMahon

Very Happy BUT please read first

We have two of these trees in our house, they are excellent value for money,our cats love them and they are very comfortable beds and i love that you can take the beds off and wash them, the sisal became loose after a year but is easy to wrap again.BUT I have to stress please take the hooks off that hold the hammock up, i have removed them after finding my cat hanging from one by her mouth, we were very lucky we found her in time, so pls remove, the cats dont bother with the hammock anyway, i think its more for show. I had to share this with others.

05/23/15 | Yufan

Pleased so far

I decided to upgrade to this tree because of space reasons, and I am not a fan of the tacky full velour-looking trees. Assembly was pretty easy, although some of the B screws were quite difficult to tighten as there is no tool for it, just elbow grease and scraped up fingers. The instructions don't really explain the top screw that tightens the tree to the ceiling but after some thought we figured it out. The bamboo cave is fantastic as it looks like my 6 month old Norwegian Forest Cat will still be able to fit in there comfortably when full-grown. He is loving all the height too and has already scrambled to the top to survey his territory. It is not as steady as I'd have hoped without the wall bracket in place, and the base is not wide nor heavy at all. I will be borrowing a power drill to affix the tree to the wall asap as I can imagine that when my kitten gets heavier, it may not be that stable. The hammock seems small and doesn't give much room to get up and in to so may be more suited to smaller cats.

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