What is happening

No issues for years, and now I'm cleaning up vomit everyday!

05/02/22 | Darena

Changed formula, cat has constant diarrhoea

They have changed the formula not just the packet. My cat used to tolerate the old version but he can’t eat the new version because he gets constant diarrhoea from it, I don’t know what they have changed but the new formula triggers sensitivities.

04/16/22 | Samantha

I pray others read this before ordering

My cat has been on zd biscuits for 3 years as he has had chronic pancreatitis and triaditis he's incredibly sensitive and needs to keep to what we know, I did my usual order of them and when they turned up I noticed the packaging was different I thought surely they wouldn't change a biscuit for sensitive cats without a HUGE warning Nope apparently they have one very poorly cat and a vet trip thankfully I used good sense to immediately take him off the biscuits! Why do this to sensitive cats!

12/03/21 | Kim B

Hill’s what did you do to your z/d recipe?

Cat with food allergies ( derm & gastro) on old formulation for years - absolutely no problems. Recently started new formula - he’s basically now a papular itch with whiskers! Even the cat without ever having allergies has developed severe itching around neck & ears! Hills - what did you do? Both will be switched to RC this week.


New formula makes cats sick

Used old z/d formula with no issue, now new formula after a week or two cats are vomiting daily due to it. (Indoor cats no other changes to environment or diet) Avoid activbiome+ formula

08/25/21 | Angela McGrane

Now contains fish oil

The old formulation was the only hydrolysed diet I could find which had absolutely no fish in it, as this seems to be what makes my cat ill. Unfortunately the new “improved” formula now contains fish oil. Despite following the advice to transition slowly I once again have an ill cat and am back searching for something she can eat without vomiting. Be very careful of the new version if your cat has any sensitivity to fish.


Bring back former recipe!

Wonderful for years, then came the recipe change (why?). Build up of new recipe resulted in a very sick cat and a 2k vet bill! Still trying to find one that will help and be as good as the original ZD.

09/17/20 | Kelly


After much switching of different cat foods to alleviate my 10 yr old cat excessive itching if face and ears with brown wax constantly in ears I took to and recommended to switch to this prescription diet. Within 2 weeks continuous vomiting and diahrrea with this food. Cats are finicky and hopefully can get her back on at least the old food so She doesn’t go into kidney or liver failure. Don’t feed this crap unless you want to kill your cat!

02/28/20 | memou

waste of money !!!

My two cats didn't even get near it, even i left them without food for half day, after i put it on they don't want to get near it !!!!


Change of ingredients and alternative brand

My cat used to love this food, change of protein led to hair loss and excessive licking. I changed to Royal Canin SC 27 and found this very effective.


Used to work, but no longer.

Worked for years. Now: weight loss; runny stool; lethargy; itchy skin. What can we do now?

11/13/19 | Emily

What a bag of utter shite

Can anyone explain to me how any of the ingredients in this food are supposed to help my cat? Grains? What grains are they? Meat and animal byproducts? Pardon? Anyone fancy enlightening me on what any of these ingredients actually consist of? I think I'll stick to my hypoallergenic Canagan, thanks.

05/01/19 | Pauline

New Formula doesn't work

The original formula was a miracle cure for my 2 year old boy Jack, who has severe food allergies. He won't eat the new formula and is now a very ill boy again. When I phoned Hills they told me it was just new packaging but the same formula which it obviously wasn't. They made me feel stupid and Im so glad to read these reviews and know its not just me. I have tried lots of different makes but nothing is working. Has anybody found an alternative food that works for their cat?


Used to be excellent...what’s changed?

My cat was on this food for 13 years, it kept his skin & stools under control. Since November 2018 he started with runny stools, vomiting & weight loss. As soon as I switched him to hills d/d everything improved until this week, he’s started vomiting with runny stools again, I’ve checked the bag of food and there’s been another formula change from venison to duck! I wish hills would stop changing the formulas of products that used to work very well but are now making my cat sick.


This worked great - now he's back to excessively licking

I cannot tell you what a relief it is to read the other reviews and discover WHY this miracle food that solved my cats excessive licking is no longer working. This is such bad news and I do hope some of you can report back with what new food you've found that helps. Please!

02/26/18 | CV Bromley

recipe changes

I had to switch both cats to this from Hills ID in October due to sudden recipe changes which caused runny stools and weight loss in both (my cats have dry food version). The IBD was very well controlled before this, however now they can hardly tolerate this food either (due to recipe changes) without taking extra steroids/medication. Not happy with the hassle this causes and also many extra vet trips on them for B12 jabs is unfair. Wish I knew an alternative.


Please change back to old formula

Our cat has been great in z/d, her colitis has been under control but since Dec she has got her skin condition, it’s and scratching causing sores.

01/30/18 | Julia

New formula is disappointing

My cat thrived on this until a few months ago but is now constantly itching, has lost weight and occasionally vomits. Had I have realised the manufacturers have changed the formula recently I'd have changed her diet much sooner.

01/30/18 | Elaine

Another unhappy kitty due to the chance

I also have seen a huge change in my cat going back to her previous toilet problem and was starting to think that her body had just become used to the food and that’s why it was no longer working it now all makes sense will many other having the same problem that is down to the ingredients change so thank you everyone for your reviews And if anyone knows of a alternative could they please say. Many thanks

01/29/18 | Dora

Formula change = sick and itchy cat

My cat has been thriving on z/d for the past 5 years. Over recent months I noticed a rapid deterioration in both her skin condition and weight. She is very itchy and sore, also occasional vomiting. Having read the previous reviews it all makes sense now as nothing else in her environment has changed. I'm switching to another well-known brand of food for sensitive stomach and skin and hope she will improve.