02/25/22 | Nealh

Fussy wet eater likes this kibble range.

My 12 y/o ginger boy is a fussy eater, still can;t get him t eat grain free wet but have moved him over to this better meat quality kibble food. It has a slightly moist feel to it and is not rock hard and crunchy like other kibble. I feed less of this to him at each meal at it fills him quite well along with other wet food he does eat.

05/17/21 | ADRIAN PAUL


The contents of this Pescetarian cat food, plus how much my cats like it is great!

04/12/21 | ADRIAN PAUL


The best option for Vegetarians! Just Fish, NO MEAT!

01/11/21 | ADRIAN PAUL

Excellent Pescetarian Choice!

Really good. My cats love it and look great on it too!

06/17/20 | Sabine

Finally a dry food my cat will eat

My cat isn't fussy about wet food as long as there are no big chunks in it, but after trying several different brands I thought I'd never get her to eat dry food. She loves all three Feringa flavours we got in the trial pack, so much so that they could almost be used as treats. Five paws from Sootie.

06/11/20 | Liz Nutbeen

Kittys love it!

I am trying this, along with the wet food, and although my girls are not liking the wet stuff, they are loving these! Their favourite is the fish, then turkey, but they are not so keen on the duck, they will eat it though if they have to! The trial packs are a good idea, and I shall definitely be buying more.


Very good for fussy cat

All my cats love this, and treat it like cat treats. Even my fussy foster girl enjoys it :)

11/25/19 | Coley

The cats love this and so easy on their tummies

Perfect alternative to their usual food. Wanted to mix it up a little as they seemed bored of their usual premium food. So glad I branched out and let them try this food- they love it and no sickness which we normally face when we change foods!!


Good value

Really good value my cats enjoyed this food.

02/01/18 | Nadia

Very happy with this product!

My cat is rather on the fussy eating side but he with this biscuits he cleaned the bowl. Will definitely buy again.

05/03/15 | Lauren

A very happy fussy eater!!

I have a very fussy boy & he absolutely loves the whole Feringa range. Every last morsel gets happily crunched! Zooplus is the only place I know that sells it too so thank you Zooplus!!!!

03/10/15 | Sally Andrews

he loved it

my cat loved this food

08/26/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

5 stars from Emma

Emma virtually inhales this food which is why I use it as a treat. A really good dry food at a great price.

08/26/14 | originally published in zooplus.de


A tasty, grainfree food with lots of fish. Excellent!

08/21/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Trial order

And the result of this test is that we can really recommend it. The cats eat everything in the bowl and it really seems to agree with them. Top quality and best of all, the great price!