Cats breath doesn't smell anymore!

My cat had stinky breath, 4-6 weeks after starting this food the smell went away.

08/03/21 | Julie M


We have 5 cats, a couple of whom can be a bit picky about their food, however the two biggest culprits were eating these extra crunchy biscuits from the storage tin while I was trying to sort out the bowls. All tucked into these with gusto and has the added benefit that the large textured biscuits help keep their teeth clean :-)

07/10/21 | Victoria

Absolute win

My cats LOVE this! They growl if the other gets too close to their bowl whilst eating xD We feed them dry and wet food but they’re always reluctant to eat the dry - or just refuse to. I’ve tried a few premium brands as I want them to be healthy as well as enjoy their food but this is the first that they absolutely love! Plus if it’s good for their teeth, I’m made up.

05/18/21 | originally published in zooplus.nl

My cats loved this!

Our cats were immediately fond of this food! We bought it in the first place because one of our cats has to chew more, so needed large kibble. We tried different types of food (Royal Canin, Hill's Science...) but this kibble was the most popular and the pieces are big enough to munch on.


Good dry food for gingivitis

My Persian has chronic gingivitis despite a tartar removal procedure and this kibble is well liked by him and my other cats. Good stuff

04/11/21 | originally published in zooplus.de

Coco approved

My Coco likes this food so much she tries to steal some out of the bag when she thinks I'm not looking. So it's safe to say it's gone down well.

03/07/21 | originally published in zooplus.de

Simon likes it

We use this dry food as a treat :) our cat loves it and it gives him something to really chew on!