10/10/16 | Debra Quin Collinson

No waste!

My fussy cat would sell his soul for this! Having tried endless dried foods in order to satisfy his discerning palate, and wasted a small fortune, this is the one. Hallelujah!

06/06/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Excellent dry food

My five Turkish Angora cats love it.

05/10/16 | Cara


My siamese cats have been eating Applaws dry food for 3 years now, mainly the chicken flavour but recently they seemed to get a bit bored so I switched to this flavour and they absolutely love it. Definitely the best brand of food we have had.


Super !!!

This is a really great dry food. I have one cat which would rather go hungry than try out lots of different foods. This kibble is the best alternative I have found. Lots of meat and grain free. My cat loves it. Maybe the kibble could be a bit bigger so that it gets chewed more, but the first few pieces are always just swallowed straight down. Maybe because it tastes so good. After that my cat starts to chew. I really recommend this food.

12/03/12 | originally published in zooplus.de

I recommend it

My cats prefer dry food with chicken and salmon. I like it that this food was created without any animal testing and that the meat comes from animals that have been humanely reared and with no antibiotics. I don't want other animals to suffer for my pet. It also has lots of fish which is important for cats. Most other foods have a low percentage of fish to meat. I definitely recommend this food.