07/17/20 | kathy Northrop

It's just the best

We feed our cats both try and wet food and this is the dry. Our cats absolutely can't get enough of this cat foot.

01/28/20 | Lydia


My mini beasts love this 👍🏽👍🏽

01/27/20 | Lydia Chattaway

No issues from my 3

My mini beasts love this all natural and cruelty free!


Best food for my rescues!

This is one of the best brands of food out there that doesn’t contain all the nasty ingredients. All three of my rescue cats Who came from different walks of life all love it! My vet says it’s one of the best out on the market.


2 Happy Chaps

Was keen to locate a grainfree product & researched for a while. Applaws ticked all the right boxes, especially with the ingredients. Both my 9 & 18 year old cats enoy it. The furballs appear to be lesser now, their coats are gleaming, breathe smells nice & their demeanour appears to have changed they are more playful & chilled out. I wont be returning to my old supermarket shelf stock. It is worth trialling with the smaller packs & see what suits them. You will soon notice the difference!


High quality and cat loves it

To be honest, my cat loves all dry food as she's happily had other brands too so the big plus with this is the high quality ingredients, which has made her coat noticeably glossier. I do also feed her a tin of Applaws senior wet food as the recommended portions for a small cat aren't enough for her.

11/24/17 | Rebecca

Would never go back

My cat was on an okay quality food - about 40% meat and not grain free. I always thought she was in good health but after moving to Applaws she's noticeably in better condition. She's leaner, her coat is softer and she's shedding less. One bag lasts about 6-7 weeks if you measure it out properly, which I have to because she absolutely loves it. She gets half a pouch of wet too but she would rather have the biscuits!

09/15/17 | Charlie

Excellent product

My 12 year old cat has been used to one of the brand leaders for years, but I have always been a little concerned about the ingredients. So I tried a sample pack of this, and she loves it. I will not be returning to the previous brand, and on a slightly less pleasant, but important point - I have noticed her poo is much healthier looking since she has been on Applaws!

02/05/17 | Anne-Marie

Great value good quality food

My cats all love this Senior version and I use it regardless of their age due to the added joint care and the coconut oil added. Always great value from Zooplus


Very good

I have 5 cats and all bar one (with special requirements) they eat this. They love it, have beautiful fur, and you can tell from the smell that this is a premium product. Grain free agrees very well with carnivores like cats. I have previously used the junior version of the same brand, and it is just as good without a doubt.

10/11/15 | originally published in zooplus.es


This is going to be my go to for the future - I won't change

09/25/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr


I have looked around for ages trying to find something grain free to give to my cat. After a small transitioning period - don't give in, keep giving - everything is truly impeccable


Very good dry food for older cats

She always looks forward to eating her meals and the food really agrees with her. Great ingredients without any unnecessary grain!!! Personally I found the size just right, not too small like some have suggested. Ideal for senior cats.


High quality, tasty dry food

The trial pack was very well received by my two seniors. I love the high meat percentage and grain-free mixture! Perfectly sized chunks, especially if your cat is missing a few teeth ;-) The other one loves crunching down on it.


It's a winner!

My cat always ate her food too quick and would end up being sick quite often after feeding. I saw that Applaws had brought out a Senior version, and as my cat is 10 years old I thought we would try it. So far so good. We are on our 4th or 5th bag now and she loves it. She is very rarely sick after eating now.

05/04/15 | Rebecca

My cat loves this dry food!

Having previously tried various dry foods, I was worried about the quality & grain content that my cat was getting. She is a 10yr old rescue cat & was eating low quality so it was a slow process changing her diet to a much higher meat content, grain-free dry food. After trying Applaws Senior, my cat doesn't seem as hungry, eats slower & she is much healthier, her fur is softer & she seems happier. I would definitely recommend this product!

04/26/15 | originally published in zooplus.es


My 11 y/o cat loves it, which is very rare for such a fussy eater. She has a sensitive stomach and used to vomit lots, but that has all stopped since switching to this. My cat even lost weight while eating this. Another thing I quite like is that my 9 m/o kitten doesn't like it so I don't have to worry about them getting into scraps over the food

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