05/14/20 | Angela Garlant

Not a winner!

Sorry to say, both my 14-year-olds just will not tolerate this food. They adore the Applaws Senior wet food and I thought the dry Senior food would be readily accepted. Absolutely not!

05/30/17 | Rachel Hardwick

My cats prefered to starvation

For the first time ever my cats refused food - they simply wouldn't touch this product. I held out for four days but they didn't relent. I ended up denoting the a 7.5kg minus two small scoops the cat rescue centre.

05/20/17 | Mrs S P Keeler

Unanimously disliked by my Bengals

I had been recommended this brand so with three senior Bengals I purchased this food. They are not fussy cats although I have primarily used several varieties of Royal Cannin they will happily eat other brands. They are usually excited at anything new but they just walked away. If it is mixed with other dry food they pick out the one they like and leave the applaws. Even putting it in the play ball does not work. I am not sure whether it is the smell of the shape of the kibble. I tend towards the shape as it is very small.