Broke on day one

My cats loved this toy but the elastic snapped the first day they used it. I wouldn't recommend this for adult cats as it is just not strong enough.

12/02/20 | Olivia


Got this for my kitten following her spay so she wouldn’t run around too much. Within 30minutes of giving it to her on the day of her surgery she managed to BREAK AND INGEST 7INCHES OF ELASTIC requiring emergency vets and really expensive vet bills! Don’t get this, it’s very cheap and dangerous! Luckily my kitten was ok but it’s still extremely dangerous!


Cheap and came broken

Very cheap looking toy, one of tbe balls is already broken and the piece to hold the pole

06/25/19 | Anne Wren

Good toy spoilt by cheap materials

My cats loved it but immediately the covering material started shedding. I noticed yellow fluff over the carpet so I checked my cats mouths & sure enough they had yellow fluff in their mouths. In less than one hour the tube inserted in the cheese to support the mouse had come away inside the box & when I examined it, it had been stuck to the cardboard base with just a small blob of glue. Delivered yesterday & all that has been kept are the two balls that were inside the cheese.

10/23/17 | Michela

Great idea but lacks practical design

My kittens do enjoy this toy however there are a few issues with the toy itself....firstly it's extremely light and my kittens have no trouble tipping it over,would be better if it had some kind of weight in it to stop this happening. Secondly the mouse dangly toy comes out which means I've had to remove it completely as it's not safe for them to be left alone with....I feel as though I'm missing half of the toy now!

03/01/17 | Bee

Terrible quality

Packed well but broke in half an hour and we had to de glue the bottom before the kittens could have it,they managed to get the mouse from the elastic I tied it back on only for them to take it from another part and brake it. Would not recommend it's terrible and a waste of money!

05/12/15 | Jamie Nicole Humphreys

Poor quality toy.

I am rather disappointed with the quality of this cat toy. I didn't expect much as it is only cheap, however, the hole in which the pole fits is bent and so the pole leans at a funny angle. The fur covering is patchy and cheap looking and the glue has been messily added and is visible where the fur comes together. I have photographs of this. I would return the product, but both of my cats are currently playing with the mouse on the string and I don't want to have to take it away. I would suggest buying a pole with a mouse on the end rather than this toy. A cat toy needs to be put on the market which holds up a pole, with a mouse or feathers on the end, which is sturdy and will last for a length of time.


Not so good

I bought this at Christmas for my cats and by Boxing day the mouse had come away from the stick and the stick then came away from the cheese. Maybe ok for kittens and smaller cats but doesn't stand the Maine Coon test.

12/10/08 | Jon

Broke on day one

The mouse broke off the pole as I assembled it. The cats don't seem to be interested in the block of cheese in the slightest. They won't even go near it. Not a success at all in this house.

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