12/13/21 | Keri

Great low cost toy

My cats really like this and I was surprised as they are very fussy. The box is strong and a good size not too big or small, not sure how long the poll with the mouse will last but it's still going strong. With or without catnip my cats enjoy playing with it. Bargain of the year thus far.

09/11/20 | Adam

Would love a pack of those mice.

The mouse dangler quickly became the best toy in the house. All the cats want to play with it. The old cat suddenly has the energy of a kitten. And even my half blind lazy puddle of a cat comes running when it's out, she has a hard time following most danglers (even ones with a bell) but seems to find this one a bit easier. The stick probably isn't going to last all that long. I'm sure that can be replaced. But if a pack of spare came out that would be fantastic. The cheese is fine.

06/15/19 | Rachel

Fantastic value

Fantastic value product, holes are challenging enough for little and big paws. Add in some kibble treats and you have a cat that goes wild, keeping them entertained for ages.


Very good product

My cat is very happy with it.

03/14/18 | Beatrix

It's alright

My cat only plays with the mouse, she already destroyed it :D can I buy that separately somewhere? :D The toy itself it's alright for it's price, probably the cats who like other cat toys will love it, but my cat it's weird and she barely accepts any new toys :)

08/23/17 | Clare

Brilliant fun

My four month old kitten, Misty, loves this. The mouse keeps her entertained for hours ... let alone the balls inside. We keep this away when we are around and let her have it when we are out at work ... it definitely keeps her occupied and active. The mouse wand does come out, but then she carries the mouse in her mouth and plays with it on the floor. Again, a great product.

07/31/17 | Michelle

Excellent for hiding treats

I have 2 indoor Ragdoll cats that need a lot of stimulation, so I purchased a cheese corner to hide some of their treats. They absolutely love it! The only problem that I found was that it slides across my wooden flooring when they are trying to get to the treats. It was easily resolved with a door mat underneath, although they do still manage to drag the cheese corner across the tool or flip it over.

06/01/16 | Cat123

My 1yr old cat LOVES this

We recently rescued a 1 yr old cat and e LOVES this. His favourite toys are micr chase on strings anyway and this is fab for when we're out. He put his little paws into the holes to get the balls and the mouse on string which. I didn't expect to last more than 5 mins (his destroyed bigger quicker!) is still going strong a fortnight later of play. Will def get another when this one dies.

01/02/15 | Cara Linden


My kitten LOVES this toy -- she tries to get the balls inside and also goes CRAZY over the dangling mouse. Good value for money.

08/19/14 | Adrian

Dangling mouse!

My ragdoll kitten "Lana" loves it! she can spend hours playing with the mouse dangling around the cheese,she loves the little bell sound. she doesn't play much with the cheese though, i guess she'll use it more when she's a adult cat.

06/16/14 | monxeri

A hit

Our cat really loves the mouse on this toy, not as much as her bird toys but this is a close second. What is great about this, is that the mouse is always moving around and is a bit tricky to catch. She also enjoys putting her paws through the cheese holes. She is a fussy cat and doesn't like many toys so I highly recommend this one.

05/12/14 | Lucy Warner

Best toy Ever

In little Georgies eye (my kitten) this is the best toy ever for him, i got it out of the box and I wasn't expecting it to be as small as it was, its not tiny but its not that big either, he adores this toy he wakes my husband and i up in the middle of the night playing with it. George did manage to snap the elastic off, between the mouse and wand, but just double knot it, and he cant tell the difference, because soon as i had fixed it he was off again, plus you can poke feathery toys through the little cheese holes and they will never get bored of this.


Our Kittens favourate toy

Both out kittens play with the cheese corner from time to time but our big kitten loves the mouse on the stick. Wherever he is, 'airmiles mouse' isn't far behind. Perfect size for throwing and playing fetch with. It's so important to him we've got him a replacement for when this one finally give up the fight. If your kitty goes mental for small mice, this may be the toy for them.

01/06/12 | Laura

Good fun!

Our kitten loves this toy, he loves the mouse that comes along with it too. He spends ages poking his paws into all the holes and sometimes just falls asleep on it. The adult cat isn't interested at all though so perhaps more for kittens and young cats. Good value and good fun!


excellent toy

My 9 month old cat loves playing with this toy. He spends ages biting and hitting the mouse and then drags the block of cheese along the floor with him. He know that there is something inside the cheese block which makes the noises but he hasn't stuck his paws inside to play with the balls he just peers into it.


excellent toy

my 9 month old cat absolutely loves playing with this toy, he will sit for ages hitting and biting the mouse then decides to pulling the cheese block along with him. He hasn't quite figured out there are balls inside the cheese block however he knows the noise comes from inside and peers in the holes.

07/10/09 | Rebecca

Lots of fun even to watch my kitten play!

I had this delivered today and my kitten loves it. After a whole day of playing with it everything is still in one piece- even the mouse. This cat toy is really entertaining for the kitten and me. Would definatly recommend!

11/08/08 | Sabina Jardine

The best toy we bought!

Our 12 week old kittens are mad for this one! They can play with it for hours and even though they ripped the mouse off the stick in about 10 minutes, the "cheese" with the balls inside is a great toy in itself.