08/15/21 | Debbie

Play chase for hours!

Excellent! This is now my cats favourite toy & he has dozens! Think it actually tired him out! Would highly recommend 👌


Fantastic product!

If you have a confident cat, they will love this toy! It is a bit noisy but my Tom loves it, and tries to 'bunny-kick' the poor mouse to death until it moves away again... all in all good toy for the money!

08/06/10 | NGS

great little toy

Our cat loves this thing and for the price paid, it's an absolute bargain. he usually loses interest in toys very quickly but this has maintained its appeal for some weeks now

06/18/10 | V.Cusack

An Awesome Toy!

I can not describe what a good toy this is. This ball rolls around the house on its own, dragging a little mouse behind it. When it bumps into something it immediately goes in a different direction, and even manages to get out of confined spaces on its own. This makes it a pleasure for the cat owner, who can just turn it on, set it down and go off and do whatever, while the cat is occupied. I have a very inqusitive male cat who is easily bored, and he plays with this ball literally for as long as I am willing to leave it on. Not only does it occupy him, sometimes I have to shut it off it off because he gets OVER stimulated and won't stop following it! He doesn't chase the mouse, he actually interacts with the ball, hiding on it, guarding it, and trying to anticipate where it will go. It rolls just fast enough to keep your cat's attention, and has quirky little movements that will fascinate him or her. It truely is an interactive toy, and I don't see how any cat could ignore it.

06/15/10 | Softpaws

Martha Bengal loves it

This is great fun as a stand in for person play for an ever playful cat.Our Bengal Martha is fascinated. It moves freely in shaky jerks and rolls around at will. An AA battery works fine.