02/15/22 | Kathryn Shaw

Good toy, poor construction

It’s great, it’s just that the off switch doesn’t work! So every time I want to turn it off I have to unscrew the battery compartment…

01/05/22 | Faraaz K

Even with new batteries, the motor is too weak.

The motor inside the ball is very very weak. The ball itself is sturdy but the issue lies with the motor.


Too noisy

Poor instructions, was difficult to work out how to get in to the battery compartment, which way up, how to turn on etc - having got there it's really noisy and my cats are scared of it. It moves for a bit then starts just rocking on the spot for ages not even moving the mouse, then moves a bit then just rocks - does the same on the hard floor not just carpet. Will probably be getting rid of or may untie the mouse and keep that as the cats like that bit!

06/04/15 | Jan Wilson


I bought this for my 2 young kittens but it only got played with for a short while as the mouse kept getting tangled and we had to keep picking it up and sorting it out. As mentioned below didn't work on carpet and was noisy on wooden floor. Had to take it apart in the end as couldn't stop it as it got stuck!! Kittens not interested in 'broken' toy with mouse attached.



My Russian Blue kitten isn't a big fan...it's quite noisy because of the mechanism, and even noisier on hard floors. Also a bit slow moving so she looses interest. Disappointing as I had high hopes!