04/27/22 | Rosie

Very loud

Love the idea and once my cats aren't scared of the noise I'm sure it will be a great toy
04/10/22 | Stef


Agree with everyone else, the toy doesn't work as advertised. It doesnt roll around to chase it just kind of jiggles on the spot. My cat would like it if it actually moved.
03/10/22 | Mihaela Atkinson

dispait the bad reviews i bought it

1 - been reading is noisy, well it does make a bit of a noise on the wooden floor , and on the carpet is a bit slower 2 -been reading is scare the cats , might do on some , ours ( 2 out of 3 ) was more curious whats this, and in the end ( like 30 min later ) was already near the toy , touch with their pay black cat called Elbrus,age 10,from the start played , ginger cat age 1 yr was a bit more curious 3 - been reading about batery difficult to put in , nope wasnt , just slide on a side the lid
02/15/22 | Kathryn Shaw

Good toy, poor construction

It’s great, it’s just that the off switch doesn’t work! So every time I want to turn it off I have to unscrew the battery compartment…
01/05/22 | Faraaz K

Even with new batteries, the motor is too weak.

The motor inside the ball is very very weak. The ball itself is sturdy but the issue lies with the motor.
12/27/21 | Amanda Ann Lennox


Bought for my cats for Xmas and it just makes loads of noise and doesn't move about very disappointed

Too noisy

Poor instructions, was difficult to work out how to get in to the battery compartment, which way up, how to turn on etc - having got there it's really noisy and my cats are scared of it. It moves for a bit then starts just rocking on the spot for ages not even moving the mouse, then moves a bit then just rocks - does the same on the hard floor not just carpet. Will probably be getting rid of or may untie the mouse and keep that as the cats like that bit!
12/07/21 | Toni

Don't buy

This is rubbish the ball doesn't move at all so a waste of money
09/21/21 | Sally

Too loud

Too noisy, scares my cats.
08/15/21 | Debbie

Play chase for hours!

Excellent! This is now my cats favourite toy & he has dozens! Think it actually tired him out! Would highly recommend 👌
07/20/21 | Claire grant

2 hours

The noise is just ridiculous but my cat loved it shame it broke in 2 hours
06/30/21 | Tracy Miller

Noisy and erratic

My 2 kittens love mice so I thought they’d like this toy. I couldn’t be more wrong - it is so noisy and erratic that they are scared of it. They are not shrinking violets when it comes to playing either. The ball is quite heavy and when it lurches forward it makes them run away - not a good purchase at all.
04/03/21 | Ana

Mixed success

My 10 and 8 month olds seemed a bit freaked out by it by it initially, but it got them to work together to investigate what the noisy intruder was all about it. But then they just watched it from a far.
02/08/21 | Susan Metcalf

Trixie Turbinio

I was looking forward to receiving this, but as yet, I cannot fathom out where or how to insert the battery. It is completely beyond me and I am not a stupid person. Very irritating,
12/25/19 | Charlotte

Utterly rubbish

This is such a waste of money. Got this for my cat and first of all the feather just tangles up so ends up trapped under the ball so the pet can’t get to it, and second it makes such a noise that whenever they get close to it it scares them off, and my cat normally isn’t bothered by noises like this, so don’t waste your money!
12/11/19 | Ash

Even my confident boy hates it!

Read the reviews and bought this anyway as my cat is the cockiest, most confident cat I've ever met. He was super into this toy before I turned it on. On carpet it barely does anything, on hard floors it is SO. LOUD. He could only watch from afar and jump out of the way if it came towards him. Bonus though is it never got stuck under the sofa like I expected it would, always managed to get out again. Second bonus - now I've turned it off, cat is all over it. Confidence has resumed.

Scared my cats

This is an easy to assemble toy. The instructions regarding the battery were not clear. It said A4 so we ordered this battery type especially. Turns out it actuallly takes AA batteries. The boys like it when the motor is off but it terrifyd them when turned on.
01/17/16 | K Robson


This toy lasted all of 5 minutes and no longer worked. A complete waste of money. Even for the 5 minutes it did work it was useless. The string with the mouse attached gets all tied up and the cats are no longer interested. Save your money buy something else
06/04/15 | Jan Wilson


I bought this for my 2 young kittens but it only got played with for a short while as the mouse kept getting tangled and we had to keep picking it up and sorting it out. As mentioned below didn't work on carpet and was noisy on wooden floor. Had to take it apart in the end as couldn't stop it as it got stuck!! Kittens not interested in 'broken' toy with mouse attached.
05/03/15 | Elaine

Noisy.. Cats interested but also a little scared

I have two nervous chaps and they were a little scared of this. It's a bit noisy but it travels all over the place. Maybe would work better with a more confident kitty

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