03/07/22 | Ash

Nice and big!

Bought for my large breed cats. They fit in it really well! Like the other reviewers said, the clips to fasten the lid to the base don’t work as it’s a flimsy design. Doesn’t bother me as I’m able to bend down and lift the lid off and carry the base outside easy enough to clean the tray but it’s that big and heavy with litter inside that it would be a struggle for people with back/lifting issues, if you need a litter tray with a handle it may be best to look elsewhere for this reason.
06/10/21 | Patsy Watten


This is certainly a Large box :) I like the fact that it has a wide ledge which my geriatric cat uses as a handy step to get in and out. The only thing that lost the fifth star is that it says it is 'warm grey' the one that I have is a sort of pooey brown colour :( Otherwise excellent - I do notice that the price has gone down again. Very fast delivery, as always. Thanks for that :)

Life changer!

Bought this to control the generous dispensing of Cat litter by our 10kg Maine Coon from a traditional ( large) open litter tray. In that respect it works very well. It is very big and spacious enough for him to turn around and the Cat flap door largely prevents litter escaping. Another excellent feature is the smell control. It has a large carbon filter in the roof. However some mesh to keep it in place would be an improvement. The fittings on the box are feeble which is a great pity.
02/08/17 | Paula B

The best litter tray I have had so far

This is very big so gives my cats lots of room to move around; the lid is removable, and it is possible to check the state of the litter via the flap, which lifts up over the top. In practice, I have found it easier just to lift off the entire lid and have not used the litter bag clip facility. I am buying another after 3 years as my Cornish Rex has scratched the base so badly that I cannot clean it properly. Only complaint is the stiffness of the clips.

Very good but shame about the filter

We bought this litter tray for our rather large cats and overall are very happy with the product. Our only issue, as with other reviewers, is the uncovered filter which we are unable to use as the cats just pull it out/ chew on it. If this issue could be rectified it would be 5 out of 5 for me.
05/22/15 | Beryl McMillan

Great size, needs filter cover and improved clips

The box itself is great, the size is enough that my big Maine Coon boys can use it easily and the depth means no leaks. Comfortable handle, too. However, the first time I picked it up with litter in it the clips gave way and the base crashed to the floor - fortunately it happened immediately so that wasn't any great distance! I bought mine a few months ago and I notice from the picture that there are now four clips (mine has two) although they are still the easily broken ones as far as I can see; the makers should look into the foldover ones other trays (and carriers) use that are much better. I now have a bungee cord holding the two together so it can be lifted safely. Also, as everybody else has said - the filter needs a cover.
06/30/13 | Nicola

Really good... But the filter design?

This is a great box, big enough for 2 cats. Good design on the front so easy to clean. But..... Who thought having an open filter was a good idea? It is 2 days old and the two kittens have destroyed already. Hence 4 stars.
02/26/13 | Marie Gannon

Would be better if...

I could find litter liners that fit it! Have tried extra giant, but they are very tight and a lot of air gets trapped underneath no matter how hard I try to get it out, therefore getting clawed and ripped. The tray itself is fab and keeps the smell in and, having four cats, this is necessary!

Very pleased overall - with one minor niggle!

Very quick service - and the box is great. The only problem with it is that the charcoal filter is just on top of the box - and the first thing my two did was rip it to pieces! Replacement filters are not cheap and I am now going to have to find a way to stop my two cats from removing them and shredding them!
10/23/12 | Marie

Great, but...

It would be great to find tray liners that fit! The box itself is fantastic. We have four indoor cats, one of which is a Maine Coon, so this box is great for them. If anyone has found liners that fit, please let me know. Other than that, it works and there's no smell! :)

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