07/05/22 | Lena

does not neutralize odours.

Not nice. I bought 2 packs after reading reviews, as it was much cheaper than the one I usually purchase, hoping to change, but unfortunately, it smells awful, just as if I was using newspapers( my cat is male and maybe that's why it didn't work for us or he just is smelly boy idk). It has a good clumping effect though, can stick to the bottom of a tray if not used enough.

Suitable for cat litter robot

I'm using this cat litter for litter robot and it's working well. The baby powder scent it's helping with bad smells, working better than other products which I used.

It's back at last

I have been using this litter for years, but has been out of stock for some time now. Disappointed to see how much more its costs 39% price increase in one year! 2 x 12kg same time last year £16.49 now £11.49 for 1 x 12kg

Brilliant product

Tigerino Canada is fantastic, since I have started using it I've not looked back. Love it
04/07/22 | Whizz

Tigerino Canada

Multi cat home (5 indoor cats) , This is positively the best cat litter I’ve used and I’ve used loads , lasts for weeks between emptying , litter tray literally only need wipe round no sticky mess to scrape, smells great to the end, no tracking ( top opening litter tray) and clumps amazingly ., even my sister in law doesn’t mind doing the litter tray as it smells good and that’s saying something as she won’t touch their own ! .. 100% recommend , only draw back is often out of stock of late ..


This stuff is awful to use. It stinks. The smell of cat litter is so strong with this that it is vile. In addition it clumps and sticks to the tray so badly that cleaning the litter tray is an awfully messy process. This is the worst cat litter I have used and will not buy again. Goodness knows how bad it must be without the baby powder scent. I dread to think. I have repeatedly considered just throwing it out however as I bought two big bags it would be a complete waste of money.
01/14/22 | Lisa

Best so far

Truly appreciate how good this litter is now that I've had to buy the nuggies and they are terrible! Clumps great, a bag lasts me 3 weeks before a full clean is needed per tray and thats with 3 large cats. Smells great and stays fresh. Tracks a little but nothing compared to the larger stuff. Only wish it wasn't out of stock so much and the price didn't keep changing!
12/08/21 | pansypuss

Changed for the worse!

I have used this litter exclusively since it became available. As stock is hit & miss, I buy in bulk, so it has taken a while for my latest batch to be used. Sadly, the latest batch is awful by comparison to all my other purchases. The lovely scent has disappeared, as has the odour neutralising effect. I genuinely thought my cats were unwell when an awful stench filled the house from the litter tray, as I'd never smelled it before. I now realise it is the quality of the litter.
10/15/21 | Irene Jones


Best ever litter i have come across. Nothing is wasted. There is no poo smell and easy clumping with no effort of scrapping the tray to get out.

Scent has changed

I have never had a problem with this cat litter until now. The scent has changed and smells like grease and is making me feel really nauseous and triggering my migraine. I won’t be buying this again, really disappointed because I have 2 bags left.
06/30/21 | Leanne C

It's changed, not for the better

This litter used to be really fine and had a good Baby Powder scent. Now the litter is more coarse and smells awful ! I usually buy in bulk, every pack I opened was the same, there was even hard clumps in the litter, like its been damp before packing. I have now put a bags worth of solid clumps in the bin. I won't be buying this again. Its a shame as this litter used to be the best !
06/24/21 | Craig

Works a treat

This cat litter clumps solid, never leaves any splodgy mess at the bottom of the tray.

Sticks to paws and tracks

I really liked this litter as it smelt nice and clumped excellently. However I have recently noticed that my floor needs cleaning far more often than they used to as it turns white. That’s with the litter trays being in a shed in the garden! Also one of my cats is long furred and she gets all the tiny granules stuck to her little paws where they clump together. I have to clean them daily. Can’t be pleasant like have stones stuck to her feet.
05/13/21 | John Turner

Not as good as 1 year ago

This is great litter but lately the gradual size has reduced and hence tracking has increased. Some days I’ve had to clean between my cats paws something I’ve never had to do before. Tigerino, please increase the grain size.
04/23/21 | Joanna

Great litter, easy to clean and not smelly

Amazing litter. Slightly dusty at first when you put it into litter box but it does not last. It smells good and does not really get stinky. I use it with a fine grid scoop to keep it clean for longer :)
04/15/21 | Romta

It's changed

Used for nearly 7 years but over the last year I've ordered nearly 8 bags and all off them were very dusty, hard to breath had to keep window open and run air purifier, avoid this brand
04/10/21 | Honorata

Not the same

We have been using Tingerino Canada Cat Litter Babypowder Scent for almost 2 years and we were extremely happy with this item. Unfortunetely the last order was very disappointing...something has changed in the texture and scent of the cat litter; basically cat litter does not have any scent , looks and feels completely different as average cat litter you can buy everywhere. I am going to give it the last chance and if we will have the same issue we consider to try to find different brand.

Best Litter I have ever used

Not only have I found it clumps well, it doesn't kill you feet if you happen to stand on it ( in the bathroom), and there no layer of dust which I found with other clay type litters and there is no smell! I provide a deep bed of litter for both my bengal and tabby, which is probably a whole bag of litter. I have found this is the best way to use it, removing the lumps and just topping up when required. I can confirm the bottom of the tray is not wet from urine matter either.
02/25/21 | Katarzyna

Seems different

I agree with Anita’s review below. I noticed the same. Litter used to be very fine and smell was very nice but now it’s a bit rough and when I scoop the balls fall apart... I will give last chance to litter with different smell. If the problem is the same I think it’s time to find new brand...
02/06/21 | Anita Kiraly

Something has changed and not for the best

I have been using this litter for years and years now. and my last two order was different. It used to be very smooth, fine silky sandy with a very powerful scent but the past 5 bags are rough and not that fine any more and it barley has any scent. Very disappointed, now I can look for another litter :(

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