04/29/22 | Sheridan Sheahan

4 foster fails

I have 4 cats, 3 short 1 long. None of them like being groomed, one detests it, one does really like it and two tolerate. It took a but of getting used to but it's the only brush I can use on them for any period of time. I actually think with very short medium pressured experiences with lick I lix they might eventually become ok with this. Kitties shedding is sure a chore 😊

12/28/20 | Ally

Great for all

One of my cats wouldn't let me groom her with the usual metal comb so thought I would try this. Happy to report that she loves it and we now have a daily grooming session where she flops on her back and enjoys being groomed for the first time in her life.


Loud purring!

My kitten was a bit suspicious at first to this new thing, but now he loves being groomed with it! He purrs really loudly and have his eyes half closed.

05/12/20 | Cookie

Cookie loves it!

Every time we take this brush out Cookie thinks it's a massage/spa time! She LOVES it. It is effective but I still use it in combination with the furminator bomb as furminator just does the job much better but Cookie doesn't like it's harsh nature so a combo works a magic! This brush is also good for removing hair from furniture. This is our second order!

09/05/18 | Anna

It Works

Was sceptical about this product but it worked fine on my Ragdoll's thick coat. My cat loves being groomed and as this product is made of soft rubber, there is no sharpness.

04/23/18 | kate simpson

A Winner

Yasmine hated being groomed but gradually she became used to this and now loves it. Picks up hair and massages. Moulting season a pain no more. Pull hair off and wash under tap. For hair removal I use long tooth side but I use other side for massage. Soft on the skin unlike wire brushes and durable.

08/15/17 | Donna

If madam doesn't like it will be a great shampoo brush

Froglet is still circling this and being ultra cautious. If she doesn't come round the prongs are strong but much less hard and spikey than the shampoo massage brush that i've just purchased for me, so it won't go to waste


Absolutely marvellous

Am about to order more. My cat can't get enough of it. Even lies on his back, legs akimbo and head right back in my hand, wanting me to do his whole stomach and throat area. He cries to me until I succumb and spend ten minutes grooming him every night and morning! I have worn down the "bristles" on two zoom grooms, but well worth it as apart from the joy it brings him, it really does remove loose fur extremely well. Only word of caution is to comb your cat after to remove stray hairs.



My black and white domestic shorthair loves this ecstatically, especially in her head . She'd be bald if I groomed her with it as much as she wants :-)

03/14/17 | Lou wood


Best brush ever. Really does get loads out whether long or short hair. Highly recommended

10/15/16 | Gill F

Works with Longhair and Shorthair Cats

This lifted and loosened hair very effectively. The instructions to groom gently in a circular manner are important. The shedded hair will accumulate both on the brush and on the cat - use an old comb, or the reverse of the Kong to remove the klingon debis from the cat. As an extra bonus, it sweeps up dust/pet hair from carpets like a dream, great for carpet edges, just use the reverse (flat) side.

08/13/16 | Barbara

Fantastic for ragdolls

This product was recommended by our vet for our ragdolls. Both ragdolls are happy to be brushed using this and start purring as soon as we start grooming them.

07/29/16 | nta16

Almost too good at lifting dead hair

Note the instructions to gently brush in a CIRCULAR motion as this way is very effective at lifting loose hair. I found using the brush this way was very effective, almost too good as some loose hair can remain on the pet so it needs removing before it transfers to elsewhere. I also found it easiest to remove the hair from the brush when there was plenty of hair on the brush. - An aptly named product that is extremely good.

07/21/16 | Debonia

Kindest cat brush ever!

This is by far the best cat brush I have ever used. My extremely old cat has stopped grooming in his old age and using other brushes has tugged at his fur, This brush glides through his matted fur a treat. I didn't expect it to, but it does it well. He allows me to brush him now without being too grumpy. If you have a cat that does not like brushing, this is for you. Be prepared to get covered in cat hair though...

06/29/16 | ANNA


I bought this for my 6 cats and all love it, before I had it every day there would be fur all over the wooden stairs, so much malting.Since using it there is hardly any, even though they are short hair, 2 of the cats are quite bushy and their fur is much more to malt, so this is and excellent brush. They loved to be brush with this. It is flexible, ,soft and gets rid of excess fur very easily. The fur is easy to remove from the brush with your hand as well. A good purchase.

06/04/16 | julie

the best

excellent for my birman and she loves it , the other brushes or slickers she's not very keen on


The best thing ever!

My cat always hated being groomed until I got the Kong. Now I just show it to him and he comes running from wherever he is and falls over on his back waiting to be groomed. He just can't get enough of it. I do comb him after finishing with the Kong as a lost of loose hair lies all over him until removed with a fine comb. He absolutely adores it and it stops the dreaded hairballs.

09/19/15 | Simone


Don't bother with other brushes, because this one's rubber fingers get all the dead hair out, and if used daily, will keep your cat furball free, and it's fur will be beautifully smooth and shiny. No more fur on future or clothes!

07/31/15 | Alison

Both cats love it

It's really good at getting out the loose fur - the spiky side gets the loose fur out and the flat side is great for collecting it. The flat side is also fantastic at picking up hair from fabric so all the hair that was transfered from the cat onto the bed or sofa can be easily picked up. It's also great at getting cat fur off carpets.


Zoom Groom

I have used this on my very elderly cat (age 22), and it keeps her fur in really good condition whilst being gentle.