Just some info for other cat owners - this has bits of bone and cartilage in it, large enough that one hollow bit got stuck around my cat's tongue. She was taken to the vet and luckily she was fine, but had to be sedated to have it taken out. The food itself is good quality but take those bits out as they can be a choking hazard.


Cat won't eat it

My cat doesn't like it! I'm still trying though as I bought 48 tins of the stuff 😂

03/06/18 | Renate

cats won't eat it

Both our cats tried this food: it made one of them throw up, and the other only ate some of it, reluctantly. They then flat out refused to try it again. We had bought loads of cans, which Zooplus was so kind to refund.

10/12/17 | Marion Sanger

my cat refused to eat it

I usually buy the cans of Carny Ocean 80g which my cat loves so thought i'd try the meat variety pack for a change and as the cans were larger more economical. Unfortunately my cat wouldn't eat any of the flavours so it ended up being more expensive. I regret ordering a large amount and would suggest to anyone to order a small pack to try out and prevent making the same mistake i made. I'm now back ordering his usual Carny Ocean for my fussy cat!