Not recommended

I don’t recommend that food. My cat had a seriously diarrhoea. My cat ate this 2 weeks and everyday had big diarrhoea and I don’t know why. When I gave him his previous food everything back to normal. Inside this food was strange white balls which look like grease or mould. I really don’t recommended this food!!!

04/25/16 | Tian

NEVER Again!!

I bought this product because I wanted to find a cheaper alternative to Almo Nature similar wet food. However I regretted to buy mega pack! Firstly, the wet food texture is very rough, you can even see the solid greasy bits on bottom or around which means it could be really greasy! What is worse, it made my ragdoll vomit three times!! I thought he just ate too much but when I put a little with canned chicken, he still vomited! So I found the source! I have to trashbin the rest cans!