Exploding can

My cats love it but every single can exploded meat juice everywhere when I opened it! Disgusting.

02/01/22 | Eliasz


what happens that there is no food for so long ?! Before Christmas, there is so far no people have nothing to buy

01/27/22 | Sarah

Excellent Quality Food

My two boys have been on Animonda Carney since they were kittens. They are happy and very healthy. The cats love it! Over the last four years, I’ve only had two issues. One is that Zooplus don’t appear to have very good stock control. At least once a year I will go to place my food order and there’s no stock. Sometimes it’s just one type, often more. The other issue is very minor in the grand scheme of things, sometimes I receive slightly bashed tins. But that’s to be expected when shipping.

12/26/21 | Debbie

My 2 are getting used to it now

I'm in the process of transitioning my two off Felix and on to a better quality, high protein food. Initially they were reluctant, but now that I mix 1 pouch of Felix with 1/2 a small can of Carny or Wild Freedom they are getting used to the new food. This brand is sort of like corned beef in appearance and texture.

12/22/21 | Debbie

Excellent ingredients list

I'm weaning my 2 off the junk food known as Felix and onto proper cat food. This range ticks all the boxes for appropriate meat contents (70%) and nutrients with no vegetable proteins that cats cannot process or added sugar that Felix has. The meat looks really good with bits of fat mixed in, which is necessary for cats and my two are making the transition quite happily with this.

11/19/20 | Kirstyn Bennett

Took some persuasion but now he loves it

It took a while for for our floof to get used to it and at first was turning his nose up. But after some persuassion he know loves it. It isn't chunks of meat (as the picture would imply) and is more like corned beef texture but seems to be much better for him than Whiskas or Felix. Plus the packaging is completely recyclable another bonus for us


Just what I was looking for

This is perfect for kittens the texture is very similar to corn beef and it smells pretty good for a cat food, for weaning kittens just add a couple of drops of boiling water to make it easier, all my cats love this I had them on natures menu before trying this and find them very similar only difference really is that this comes in a tin much more practical for a litter of kittens or a multi cat household I will be buying this again for sure!

09/02/20 | Sadia Khanam

Not for my cats

It smelt delicious to me but my cats thought otherwise. They only had a small mouthful every now and then, left it out for a while and then had to throw away the rest - about half a can wasted. I don't think its because my cats are picky. One of them, definitely, but the other eats anything and everything, yet he has no interest in this brand. I'm trying other adults foods (they just became an adult) and this one ranked bottom for the two.

07/21/20 | RobC

Nope. It’s a thick paste; no chunks of meat

I purchased some cans of this last year for my two British Shorthairs. It’s not chunks of meat, as per tin photo, merely a thick paste. My cats refused to eat it.

07/11/20 | Kalina

Not for my Ragdoll

My cat managed to eat only one can... then didn't even wants to look at it, so I am not going to buy it anymore...😏



My cats rreally enjoyed this brand. It is solid meat looks like corned beef. It is full of flavour and will now buy this brand. The choice of flavours is amazing

01/29/20 | Lee-Ann Swain

Great product

My cat devours this food. Low carbs high protein, perfect for my diabetic cat

09/04/19 | sarah JL

Good quality food that my cats love.

At first, it seems that this food is expensive but the tins are packed solidly which meaty, good quality food and you would could easily fill up 2 of the sachets of normal food from one small tin of this. I was aware that a lot of brands only have 4% meat or fish in so I had been buying more expensive sachets of better quality food and they work out much more expensive than this food does. My cats can't eat it quickly enough!

07/08/19 | Louise Howell

My cat refused this food

Unfortunately my cat would not eat this, he does not like the smell.

04/18/19 | Collette

not easy to open

I was not too impressed with the tins of these that i bought for my Oscar apart from the fact that the ring pull came off in my hand without the lid of the can i thought it was just me but my 2 sons tried opening these and the same again and the cat wasnt too keen on it either

02/27/19 | Laura

Great Quality Food, Good Price

This is such good quality food! My old boy who I sadly lost to cancer would never touch this, no matter how hard I tried - he was a rescue cat and was always difficult to get off Whiskas and the like. Picky cats may not touch it. I'm so pleased my two new babies are eating this, though! Quality food at a good price. What's not to like?

07/24/18 | Karin

Not for my Birmans

I have recently bought 4 different flavours. I have two Birmans, one extremely fussy and one who isn't fussy at all. The fussy cat didn't eat it at all. The ratings are by the not fussy cat: *Purple tin; Multi-Fleischcoctail (Meat Saucer) Rating 1. *Orange tin; Rind + Huhn (Beef + Chicken) Rating 1. *Blue tin; Rind + Kabeljau mit Petersilienwurzeln (Beef +Cod w Parsley root) Rating 2. *Light Green tin; Rind ,Pute +Kaninchen (Beef, Turkey, Rabbit) Rating 3. Not good or bad, but can eat it.

03/09/18 | Simone

Fantastic product - happy cat

We are now spending less on cat food at a much higher quality with actual meat inside not just 4% as with whiskas and the likes. Our cat is happy and enjoys feeding time. He likes all tastes except the pure beef, not touching it.

06/17/17 | mary ann

my cat wouldn't touch it

sadly. but he is a fussy critter.

05/17/17 | Nichola Chaplin

My cat loves it

After looking around for a decent cat food that's not full of added sugar because my cat was over weight I came across this. He loves it, he was a fussy cat wouldn't eat beef flavoured, wouldn't eat out of a tin had to be out of a packet. Was always leaving food and it went off. Now he clears his dish, has lost weight and has bags of energy and a lovely coat. Will never go back to supermarket food.