05/02/21 | Julie De-felice self

My cat Dorothy has imflamatry bowl desease to all

To all who feed zd to your cat's.. My Dorothy was on steroids and antibiotics and eating this wonderful food.. After worrying about the medication she was on i decided to try her with Dorwest Herbal remedy called Tree Barks Powder. It's incredible, you mix a little in the wet food 5 ml into zd wet food.. Dorothy has been off all meds for two years... PLEASE TRY..

12/12/20 | Samantha

It works

My cat has come to me on this food he likes it. How ever we have had a bad batch but Zooplus have been great sorted it all out and withdrew the batch from sale. I also read the other comment about a little splash of water, he now eats it all really well. He still has to have steroids but I just mix them with the food. Happy cat and happy me 🙂


A lifesaver for my cat

My cat has severe food allergies and inflammatory bowel disease. Hill's z/d has literally saved her life!

11/06/20 | Giulia Franco

Very good

My cat has sensitive tummy and he is doing great with this food. He likes it too

08/04/20 | anne

Other cats are jealous!

I was very worried about ordering this after reading reviews especially as it is costly and the cat that needs it is a fussy eater. I managed to get one on trial and my cat absolutely LOVED it! My other 2 try to pinch it! So glad as it was the only wet hypoallergenic food available

11/21/19 | Christian

Perfect for IBD

I am surprised at all the bad reviews my cat absolutely loves it he has IBD and pancreatic insufficiency and this was prescribed by the vet and it is the only thing he will touch, he adores it. I do agree that it is sticky and a paste but it works, his tummy isn't upset he isn't sick and his bowel function with medication is normal so couldn't be happier

04/13/19 | Sandra conway

My cat loves it now I’ve found the solution

Been giving to my cat for a few months now. I agree the texture is thick and different to other meats. The answer to the problem is to mix in a little warm water with each feed. It’s made all the difference. Roxy laps it up now. Too thick otherwise. It makes the meat go further too.

02/05/17 | Heather Skeates

Jasper's needs !

Our cat Jasper would not be alive now if not for this food ....any other food makes his skin erupt and become so sore ....this is his lifesaver ! Recommended by his vet really as a last resort ....we are so grateful

01/11/17 | Ann

they have returned to the old formula..well done Hills

I did a review below, I was dismayed that Hills had changed the formula..it WAS awful. I am happy to say that Hills have now gone back to the old formula and I am so pleased and so is the cat!!! Well dobe Hills for listening to your customers, please don't ever change it again!!!

07/28/16 | Maureen Maddock

Z/D For our British Shorthair

After months of trial and error, we were advised by our Vet to try Z/D. We, and Jazzy, are living "happy ever after". It has solved the IBS problem.


Couldn't be without it.

My 4 times rehomed Battersea girl who - due to poor treatment and Bengal genes has trouble digesting food (vet says its gastric motility resulting in chronic vomiting) thrives on ZD. Previous owners didn't work this out..... She eats ZD little and often, I warm the wet food up slightly which appears to make it more palatable and once her tummy has settled I can then switch her to small portions of the dry version. Patience, love and ZD have transformed her life.

06/08/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Thank god!

I went to the vet quite frequently because both my cat have digestive problems, but after I changed my vet, the new one recommended this food to me!! At the beginning, I wasn"t used to the consistency, but I was just so glad that my 2 cats eat it because they are terribly picky!! I also sometimes mix it with some water!

04/24/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Tastes and is tolerated

I don't particularly like the ingredients, but if you have a cat with a food allergy you are grateful for every food which is liked and digested by the cat. I can really recommend this for cats with food allergies!

03/06/16 | originally published in zooplus.fr


My cat, Titi, developed severe allergies from when she was 5 months old (diarrhea, weight loss, lack of appetite, apathy, etc.) We found out that this was life-threatening, so we started feeding Z/d. Ever since, Titi only feeds on it. He now is 2 years old and absolutely thriving and has finally reached a normal bodyweight. Yes, it is expensive, but health is a priority!


Works very well for cats with digestive disorders

I have already tried dozens of sensitive brands, even had to mix psyllium with the food. My cat has digestive disorders, a sensitive gut. Then, my vet recommended this food to me and it worked perfectly. The constant diarrhea is gone, I don't have to mix anything with the food anymore. He also eats dry food but he is addicted to the conserve and prefers is pure. I think that especially the pudding consistency is what he really likes, because before I started using this, he would always just lick the jelly away and leave the solid bits of meat.


an essential

For my allergic cat I always buy 24 packs, and he absolutely loves it. It was recommended to us by our vet because we really didn't know what to do, but I am delighted to have changed to Hill's, which I find most effective. My cat continues to take medication, but we got through Hill's diet, which enabled us to lower the doses. Thank you


Great product for sensitive tummies/skin

Until I found this product my poor cat had months of problems with tummy upset and itchy skin with many vet visits and fruitless investigations. This is the only low allergen food I've found that works and hills are an excellent brand. My cat prefers a tiny bit of water mashed in with it to loosen the texture.