01/28/22 | Koko’s mamma

Surprisingly loved by my teenage kitty!

I have a very fussy pedigree and was a little sceptical about this product as it’s very different to what he has been fed before but thought we would try it. He has become a bit tired of his old food. First packet opened and was wolfed down immediately! Both flavours have the same effect. Very happy kitty

05/02/21 | Sarah O

My kitten loves it!

My 9 month old kitten is already a fan of the Hills science plan ocean fish and chicken pouches so I thought I would try this range with the addition of vegetables and rice. My kitten absolutely loves it! It isn’t in so much of a gravy as with the other pouches and I wasn’t sure if she would go for the vegetables but she wolfed it down. There are lovely chunks of meat rather than the formed chunks of the original version. I will definitely continue to buy this.