11/26/20 | Deborah

My Siberian cat has allergies

My Siberian cat sasha loves the kangaroo flavour and has helped clear her allergies. Bonus is my tabby loves it to and she is fussy.

04/29/20 | James

Fussy British Shorthair LOVES this!

This brand (especially the Herring flavour) is the only thing our fussy 7 month old British Shorthair will eat consistently. He finishes however much we give him every time! I pray that zooplus continue to stock this. It's high quality and great value.

11/11/18 | Sammy

Great food

My 8 month old maine coon kitten came with this food from the breeder it's great quality and he loves it. Fave is the rabbit veal and game some of the others are more pate and he is not as keen as he prefers chunks wish they did more flavours .

08/23/18 | Nims

They both Love it!

Two very diffo cats, one old and one young , the youngest being fussy. I’ve tried this, tried other food and then come back to this as they simply love it. Crying out for it at breakfast and dinner and living their ergonomic bowls clean! My old cat has lost his beer belly and has maintained his healthy weight using this food alone. It smells delicious, easy to dish up and it’s gluten fee and natural with yummy flavours!


Six fussy moggies

Have been using Felix AGAIL but they all started leaving it. Tried this Catz food and they all love it - range in age from 2 to 20 years !!. Rather expensive as only little tins available at present but there's no wastage.

04/22/16 | Nav

Great quality cat food

Really nice quality cat food. Some of the flavours smell like human food, so you know it's good quality. I've been tempted to eat the wild/game variety myself haha. Cat absolutely adores all the flavours i've tried so far.

10/29/14 | Patricia M

Cat Loves it

I struggle to find a good quality food that my extremely fussy cat will eat. I have tried most brands and she has turned her nose up at almost all of them. However this one seems to be a winner! The pouches have a slightly chunky consistency with gravy and for the moment she is eating the chicken and tuna flavour without a fuss. Once she has eaten this one for a while I will try the other flavours and then the tins, which I beleive have a firmer texture with less gravy. I hope we are going to have a winner all around with this brand!

06/30/14 | Michael

Pity they don't come in 100g

I looked very hard for a complete wet food without fish or chicken and this fit the bill. When I first opened these and looked at the texture I worried if I just lost £30! But My cats ate all but one flavour with little fuss. Exotic German tins are fun but get out your dictionary to remember what flavour is what! The only downside is 200 g is a lot of food and they are picky about leftovers. Also wish the feeding portions were a bit more convincing! But the first complete quality wet food my cats will eat

10/03/13 | julie

loved it

My cats love this and ate every morsal


Yummy Yum

So far all the flavours served to my fussy little pussy have gone down well. Can't say that for many other brand. Good quality too - thanx Zooplus. Now for Granatapet please.......

07/31/13 | Kitty Katter

Tasty and Nutritious ... What :-)

Great to see this good quality food available at Zooplus at last. Its going down a treat with my fussy little kitty - the Game is her favourite so far tho she also likes the Lamb/Rabbit and Chicken/Tuna. Next we'd like to see Granatapet please Zooplus ....

07/12/13 | AnnaC

Great food!!

I've ben buying this food from abroad, so it's great that I can now get it from Zooplus :) it's great quality and it comes in loads of different varieties. Hopefully MAC and granata will follow next :)